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About Hope

I have been a spiritual guide, healer and teacher for 25 years. My professional journey began as a journalist and then a high school English teacher, but I have been ever drawn to the mystery.  I became a certified massage therapist and studied energy healing, meditation and metaphysics.

As an ordained minister I draw from the wisdom of multiple spiritual paths; from Buddhism and Christianity, to the teachings of Nelson Mandela, Byron Katy, Hafiz, and Quantum Physics. I love the process of guiding people to their personal sacred connection with the Divine. My life path reflects my inner sense of connection and Oneness and for that I am grateful. I am honored to assist others in doing the same in their unique way.

I co-founded and co-directed the spiritual school Psychic Horizons Center as well as The Church of Inner Light, both located in Boulder, Colorado.

I have guest taught at healing centers in Spokane, Washington; Burlington, Vermont and  Atlanta. I teach online meditation and self-healing classes for Psychic Horizons Center and travel monthly to teach at the Clairvoyant Center of Chicago.

I love to oil paint, write, practice yoga and I am a professional singer. Time in nature is essential to me. I love the song of crickets and the dancing birds.


The resonance of our hearts radiates out to the world as a gift and attracts  to us  what we desire.  Choose the energy you would like to share. Today I choose Peace. 

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