A friend recently asked me how I helped myself live life more from my heart than my head— to lead from love versus fear. First, I remember that all I see outside myself is an illusion! It’s not that easy to explain because living from that awareness is a feeling and experience versus something concrete. If you’re going to see the world as an illusion, as in, “There is no spoon,” it would be pretty counter-intuitive to think words and the analyzer will ever offer a satisfactory explanation. It begins with a feeling and desire to trust that still, quiet place within.

It cannot be given to us from anyone, we need to cultivate it ourselves. How can I differentiate the difference between creating from the Kingdom of Heaven within me, which is of eternal love and awareness, versus the temporary, ego-based value system born of the world. Jesus taught he was in the world, but not of the world. All that was created from minds believing in separation from God is dissolving. We see ourselves living in a world birthed from fearful minds, but we are truly of Divinity, one with God and one another! Jesus fully embraced the truth that we are not separate from God. ‘I and my Father are one,’ was one of his most powerful mantras that helped him die to the lies of the world, and fall into the truth of love and the heart. All else is temporary! As they say, you can’t take any of it with you. So, what do we actually have that is ours?

One way of knowing our attachment to something is from ego is that we feel fear or shame around losing it. If our desire for it was created from the eternal truth of us, there would be no fear of losing it. If you are having that wonderful thing as Spirit, what you are really having is the connection it allows you to have with that which is everything. There is no fear in losing it, because you are everything. You would have the sadness of loss, but that is different from fear, shame, or feeling you are less than. We already are Oneness, is has never been any different. Close your eyes and imagine someone you love, or a beloved pet who you wouldn’t want to live without. Imagine looking into their eyes and really connecting and feeling what’s true about that relationship.

Feel it. Not the mind’s chatter about the superficial ways that they are wonderful, but the true, eternal connection to that being, born from the awareness that there is no separation. You are gazing into the eternal eyes of yourself, of that All. This is a feeling and experience of that which is Holy and Sacred. This is eternity. The experience of the truth that connects you to that loved one never, ever changes. Whether in a physical body or not, this is love without end.

Imagine having this same in-the-moment connection with everything and everyone, not just the “special” people in your life. Imagine having the energetic connection born of love, with your car, a flower, the stranger walking down the street. The connection may not seem as strong, some people and situations are more in the lie of separation than others, which means there is less love present. But love is still there, and you can choose to see it.

All is a gift. Life happens FOR you not TO you. We have the ability to see all situations from our heart, versus the fear-based ego. Mother Earth also helps me stay in my heart and and lead from Spirit. Earth is not of the fear-based world. Mother Earth is an amazing being, our Eden. She teaches us how to make the way easy and without effort. The earth, stars and solar system are our teachers. They teach us about balance, love, unity, beauty, synchronicity and abundance. Nature follows a hum that cannot be seen or touched. It is felt and allowed. There is no lie of separation from God in nature.

And third, to let the illusion dissolve, stop having to DO so much. Release the thinking that says you have to DO things to get to God. The kingdom is within you. You are of Divinity. You are the enlightenment. Choose to do things like meditation, yoga, a cooking class or a road trip because you see value in the experience as God, as the loving being you already are. Not because they will get you anywhere. We are fine-tuning our beingness so we can cultivate and give birth to Spirit based intention in all that we do.

We are each doing this in your own way, at our own pace. I don’t do it perfectly. But I release self punishment and judgment, which only lead us away from love and closer to the fear. The world is a human-made creation, a hologram born of fearful minds. Spirit uses this illusion we have created as a tool for our awakening. In the process we are loving all back into wholeness. Love your neighbor as yourself, love your enemy, forgive and allow. It’s all been taught by many teachers, but there’s only one ending— which is in you right now. The journey ends at the beginning. Have the meaning within you now.

You are Home. You are not of the world out there, you are of the still, quiet, peacefulness of the Kingdom of Heaven within you. Be the loving being of you, compassionate, gentle, funny, emotional, creative— whatever expression you are of God in the moment. Walk through the doorway away from the fear and right into your heart. You are here for one reason, to know thyself and return home to love. May you feel blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.