People often want to know if they are on their path. They usually look at the concept of their path as something happening outside of themselves. So, being on their path has to do with doing the right thing—are they getting from Point A to Point B? Are they meeting their goals? Are they missing anything? Are they being spiritual enough? If you are just being a body everyday, doing what you think you ‘should’ and following all the dogma and rules, then that is a way of looking at your path.

The body/ego path has a plan, often involving levels of schooling, retirement, decisions about children, home ownership and achievements. It is based on the ego, which is focused on keeping you safe, and usually based on society’s definition. There is never total satisfaction on this path, because there is always more to do, more to accomplish, more to aspire to or something to lose. There are also plenty of people to compare ourselves to and folks ever ready to offer us advice on what we should be or should not be doing on our path. Usually this advice comes from their fears, and not their desire for you to have your dreams. What happens if you see being on your path as a spiritual consideration?

If you have done any kind of spiritual work, you have learned that your spirit heals your body. You, the spirit that has the body, brings a new awareness into the body. Then, if it’s able to, the body matches that new vibration, cell by cell. That’s a really quick look at healing! The spirit that is truly you also creates your path, if you allow it. When you wonder if you are on your path, it may be fun to look at it spiritually. Are your chakras in alignment with your truth? When you run your energy through your body and chakras, does your spiritual creativity and intention get sabotaged by foreign concepts and programming in your space? No matter what you are doing, when you are spiritually aligned from within you are on your path. You know this because you feel grounded and in tune within yourself. You could be in graduate school, washing dishes, hiking, healing cancer or watching your child play baseball.

You are on your path if 100% of you is in agreement with how you are being in that moment. When we aren’t in agreement we feel divided. You arrive at a family gathering, feeling sure of yourself and happy. One family member throws you a concept or picture that says you aren’t working enough. You buy into it, thinking there must be some truth there, even though your spiritual truth says you are enough, doing what you love. You are divided from your spiritual truth and believing in the lie. Now you don’t feel so great. We have all had this happen, usually many times a day. If we honestly explore the reason we believe the lie, it will usually have to do with low self-worth or abandonment. Once it happens, you are not on your path regardless of what you are physically doing. Your certainty that you can trust in your innate goodness and ability to be accepted is tarnished.

Time to get back on your path! Try a little meditation, and release the doubt out of your space that says you are somehow deficient. Let it flow into a bubble in front of you and pop it. Then, play with the color of your crown chakra above your head. Choose a color that reflects your spiritual truth, preferably not pure white. If that’s all that you want to use, give it a try. If you find yourself drained or buzzed add more color to it. Then instruct all of your chakras to vibrate in agreement with your spiritual truth. This doesn’t mean that all of your chakras are the same color, just that they are in harmony with one another, and in agreement with your truth versus a lie that’s stuck in your space.

No matter what you are doing, it’s who you are being that truly matters. Many masters have taught that even the smallest things done for another from love beats out the big things done from guilt or the ego’s need to do enough or appear a certain way. It can be challenging for healers to recognize this. As we progress onward into the new paradigm, it’s becoming more and more important to let go of past notions of martyrdom, and the idea that we have to save people or the world. That will not work any more. We are entering a time of heightened creativity, living and envisioning the world in the way that reflects balance and harmony. In that world, people are working from their spiritual wisdom and a heart-based perspective, not a physical, nose to the grindstone, effortful perspective. All that we really have to do is love ourselves.

When we are aligned spiritually, we love ourselves. And we treat others the way we feel about ourselves. So when I see myself wanting to be guilty or judgmental, I know I am not on my path. I am not in spiritual alignment. It doesn’t matter what I am doing. I could be doing the most seemingly nice thing on the planet. But if it’s not done from love and alignment, it promotes disharmony. It’s the way energy works.

May you feel blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at