One summer day the venerable old Chao-chou proposed a little contest of Zen repartee with his attending disciple, Wen-yuan: to see who could identify himself with the lowest thing in the scale of human values. Chao-chou began: “I am a donkey.” Wen-yuan: “I am the donkey’s buttocks.” Chao-chou: “I am the donkey’s dung.” Wen-yuan: “I am a worm in the dung.” Chao-chou, unable to think of a rejoinder, asked, “What are you doing there?” Replied Wen-yuan: “I am spending my summer vacation!” Chao-chou laughingly conceded defeat.

Laughter is good medicine to help with changes and challenges! We are shaking up and sifting out, rearranging and eliminating the lies that keep us in the illusion that we are separate from each other, seaparate from nature, and separate from Divinity.

The lie of separation fuels most troubles we encounter and the games being played out on the planet. We forget who we truly are.

As we set our intention to remember to be the limitless beings of light that we are, our vibration raises, lies are released, and we return to love. We are doing that right now, breath by breath.

Meditation is a wonderful way to bring your mind into a more focused awareness while we are in this process. From awareness, you can choose your thoughts and feelings.

Just sit and get quiet. Or be in mindful awareness while walking, doing yoga, cooking, enjoying a flower or music. Be in the moment. Be in gratitude wherever you are, for no reason.

For No Reason is a great reason to just be…as you release the stories that motivate you from fear instead of love. We are taught to justify our existence based on what we do, what we have, how we look and who we need to be for others.

In today’s world, we need more reminders that the only changeless constant to identify with is that we are of love! If our value is dependent upon something outside of us, and all that is outside of us changes or goes away, then we think our value goes with it and we experience pain!

We forget that our real purpose is to reflect love. Meanwhile, we may need to let go of some of our “doing.” So make time to meditate and just be, with no purpose, no reason. Being aware of the moment is enough. This is essential to assist you in these changes we are going through. Find time to feel and experience awareness.

With awareness, if you find yourself vacationing in the donkey dung, you will not be there very long because once you bring a hello of love and compassion to yourself and your situation, another new awareness will come, and another and another, and you will find yourself in a whole new place mentally and emotionally! You can experience yourself as love anywhere.

Notice an aspect of your life that has frustration or effort in it. It could pertain to your work, family, health, creativity, abundance or relationships. Put the energy of this experience into a bubble out in front of you and ground it to the center of the earth with a beam of light. This space needs a healing because it has been fed from the wrong intention. There is people-pleasing energy in it, expectations, demands, and out-dated beliefs that are ready to be released.

Let these energies drain out of the bubble. Then just let it be. There is nothing you have to get from this experience, because you already have all you need within you. Take the demand out of the bubble. Let it be. You are enough. See this bubble filled with your Soul/Beingness/Love vibration. Send this bubble ease, compassion and gratitude.

Now choose a color for the bubble and let it get brighter and lighter. Then bring this bubble up over your head and let it fill your space. Fill in each cell, each chakra, and your entire aura bubble, from your core to your aura outer layer, about a foot out all the way around your body.

Do you ever get quiet and consider the mystery of where we all are from? Take yourself from being in this body, to being a spirit again without a body. Consider the earth with no humans, and a sky full of stars. We are technically made of stardust, but where did the stars come from? Does space end? How did the initial consciousness that we call God or Goddess or Love or Oneness or Great Spirit come to be?

We always have access to present time, from which we can work back to the void, but it doesn’t seem possible to understand the void! We do our best to make sense of it and to create an energetic template of awareness that works best to live life and still be comfortable with the mystery of our origins and all that entails.

Being comfortable with the mystery is important because that’s what helps you avoid grabbing on to lies and beliefs out of fear or a need to feel accepted.

The mystery is the mystery. The simple energy tools we teach at Psychic Horizons help you, the soul, have a more grounded and aware experience while here on earth, existing within the mystery.

That’s what a mystery school is! We teach energy tools versus dogma, to help you create the hologram of your ideal energetic desire to experience while you are here.

Whether you are the donkey, or the worm vacationing in the dung, it’s ALL good if you have awareness that you have choices around what to feel, how to think, how to be. Being aware that you are an eternal soul is about choice. Come by for a healing or class some time! Enjoy the mystery! May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at