Dancing Bird

A View of Hope


Welcome to my blog on Dancing Bird!   I hope you find some words that are helpful for you on your path. I write to share awareness that has worked for me, and to hopefully present helpful insights and meditations to assist people in life.  One time someone said...

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Will you Predict my Future?

Predicting the future…wouldn’t it be great? We think it would—to know how a situation will play out, and then base our decisions on that. So simple! And yet rarely in a reading do we give predictions. We each create our own reality, and we each have the power to shift...

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Recognize Your True Guidance

Discerning whether or not the inner guidance you receive is really yours versus the ego, a fear or another person’s opinion in your mind, is a lifelong process. Have you read about Harriet Tubman? She carried out at least 19 raids into slave holding territories...

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The Tipping Point is Within You

Change is in the air as nature shifts from creation and growth to release and sharing. The wisdom of the earth supports us as we learn to listen to our own inner guidance. Falling leaves remind us to release. What are you complete with? Have you finished some cycles?...

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Create From Love

It’s a fascinating time of revelations. Secrets emerge daily from around the world, in your country, town and community. In part thanks to social media, instant communication and access to news 24/7, what has been buried in the shadows of the past is being revealed...

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Faith in The Trust Frequency

Someone once told me that he didn’t believe in prayer. If prayer were real, he mused, why don’t  all prayers get answered? A person can pray for more money which doesn’t arrive or for someone to live who dies anyway. We pray for world peace but seem to see more wars...

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Let Life Bring Out the Love in You

Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest and best-selling author of “Tattoos on the Heart,” the story of his creation of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang-intervention program in the world. In his second book, “Barking at the Choir,” he shares what working with the gang...

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