What an adventure this year has been! For some of us, the energy shifts on the planet far surpassed the election hoopla!

As healers and energy workers, we are excited and interested in how things are shaping up as we move into the New Year. There is the 3rd chakra to 4th chakra perspective, the 4th dimension to 5th dimension perspective, the Piscean Age moving into the Aquarian Age, the rebirth of Divine Mother, photon belts, black holes, Mayan Calendars, killer asteroids, new suns, pole shifts and so on…it’s all good to me!

We can’t help but be in the right place at the right time, and all time is simultaneous. No matter what happens, you are an eternal spirit and you will ‘be’ in the vibration that you are being. Who and what are you being?

All the more reason to spend time loving yourself, healing yourself, and being the vibration that you believe in more than ever! Another perspective of this shift is from the Seven Ray perspective— the shift from a 6th ray paradigm of Devotion to a 7th ray paradigm of Ceremony and Magic. During the 6th ray influence humanity created many venues for love and devotion—many masters taught their truths, and many religions sprung from their teachings.

As in anything, there are pros and cons to this. It’s awesome to see all the paths to choose from. The other side is that the devoted can become fanatical about their focus and start wanting to shove it down everyone’s throats. It’s my way or the highway. Every religion had its starting point of ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ that became corrupted into something very different.

So, now the 7th ray influence is upon us, blasting humanity with an extra infusion of desire to organize the world of form into a more spiritual vibration. Everything is energy, and magic, ritual and ceremony help us organize the 3 dimensional world into a more loving consciousness.

Along with devotion, the 6th ray offered us a lot of teaching about Unity and loving your fellow man. But many people have yet to put those wise words into action.

The 7th ray influence will help us organize our energies to create a world that reflects the good of all, versus the good of the few. People who want to promote this 7th ray influence will also create spiritual architecture, so sacred geometry, what materials we use, feng shui, color and decor will all be paid attention to. No more cinder block schools with rooms painted grey and puke yellow.

In the area of ceremony and ritual, we will pay more attention to rhythm, sound, repetition of thoughts and mantras. This sets the energies around us and holds them in a sacred way. If you have already found yourself creating ritual, building alters in your home, healing the lands around you and paying more attention to your meditation time and recognizing that ALL is energy and ALL responds to your attention and awareness, then you are right on track with the shifts. You are on the front lines of ushering in this new paradigm!

The building blocks for all you see, in nature, your furniture, car, clothes, EVERYTHING you see is built of the particles of love and they are in agreement to follow your intention and command. They want to be whatever you need them to be. The particles that make up nature and the entire world of form are here to be of service to humanity.

They have been directed by us to create amazing things, from computers to art, to airplanes, washers, amazing foods, toys, books, all of nature and the landscapes we enjoy. All of it!

Some of our creations have lacked some love and been misdirected, as in bombs and guns, using food as a weapon, enslaving people to money or the use of Earth’s resources without concern for the environment. We are paying for those mistakes, but they are healing.

The point is this: explore the world of ceremony and magic, because your thoughts and intentions are becoming more potent. Paying attention to how you can organize energy more efficiently and lovingly is more important than ever! As we heal our hearts and minds, we are able to manifest more quickly and efficiently. With more and more of us creating from goodness and kindness, the scales have tipped!

With our minds and hearts working together, and our collective consciousness getting more and more on the same page, we will and are moving mountains. Many civilizations have used the collective energy of thought and tones to heal, moves blocks of rock and much more. We have past life memories of this, plus we remember this power being misused. Take note, but let the fear go! We have been cultivating a new level of love on this planet, and it is not being wasted.

Maybe the magic isn’t happening like your mind thinks it should, but it is happening, and you are part of it. This is the tip of the iceberg on this topic, I wish I had many more pages.

There will be no huge phenomena happening in the world of form on that day (12/21/12), but the energies and your consciousness are ready to expand, in a great way! May you feel blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.