One of the most frequently heard myths about psychics I hear is, “Will you predict my future?”

It is easy to see where this idea comes from—books, movies, fortune teller machines with the crystal balls… It’s a great notion, to think that someone can simply tell us what to do, or what is going to happen! Or that it would actually happen that easily!
Psychics and their skills are as varied as any profession. Artists, lawyers, engineers are all different. Clairvoyants have their specialties and areas of focus. Some are better at seeing potential outcomes in a person’s life, and often a time frame. But POTENTIAL outcome is an important part of that “prediction!”.

When we teach people to read energy here, we show them how to see that person’s true energy as a soul, not the control energy that has been programmed into them on a third-chakra level by their families, schooling and society. So, an old-school psychic who sees you will get married, run the family business and have 2.5 children etc… is often seeing the expectations that have been put into your space. That’s how the traditional readers used to read. But, we are in a new era!

A person recently wanted a reading about her life. She had little money left, her car was nearly dead, and she hated her roommates. I began to read her energy to help her see the old energies and stories in her space that weren’t hers that created this pattern of so much loss and effort. She stopped me early on and told me, “No, I just want to know WHEN I am going to get more money. WHEN will this all change?” I saw that it would probably be a while, because our outer world is based on what we think and feel within. So, unless a person is willing to confront the old, damaging patterns and embrace an awareness that reflects new views, not much will change! I told her this, but she didn’t care! So, I sent her to a psychic in Boulder who was a better fit for her needs!

Psychics who are spiritual healers, as we are, are taught how to communicate in such as way as to help a soul take a step from an empowered, inner awareness. We aren’t teaching our students how to tell people what they should do, but that we can learn to be amazing guides for one another!

Another time a woman called and wanted a reading from me about her relationship. She was dating a married man and wanted to know when he would leave his wife for her. I began to read her, and address the energy in her space that was causing her to pursue a relationship with someone who was not available. What was she afraid of? Why did she see herself as not deserving someone who could truly be there for her? “No, “she said. “I want to know, WHEN he will leave his wife!” Perhaps she should have called one of those 900 numbers! At $4.99 a minute, they will tell you exactly what they know you want to hear based on the programming in your space, and draw it out as long as they can to boot! But that’s okay, we need all levels of all professions on the planet, because we are all at so many different levels of awareness! There is a place for all of us!

I am not nonplussed if someone doesn’t understand that healing is an internal, personal and unique process for each of us, and that no one can fix us. We ultimately have to do it ourselves!

Some need more concrete answers and rules. Others will not get the concrete answers from someone outside of themselves as often we they would like, because they created a lifetime where it is time to do it more themselves! Students here do just that, learn to read energy for themselves and others and how to use and exercise that clairvoyant muscle!

Our classes teach people how to see the energy in another that isn’t theirs so they can release it and have their own truth and follow their own soul’s path! We also teach how to see that person as a spirit, what they came to do and experience this lifetime, regardless of their gender, clothes, bank accounts or diplomas, and see beyond the programming and expectations in their space.

I am not saying that there aren’t psychics, including here at the center, who see specific things into the future. But we look at it more like what is the energy around the options a person is considering, and how can they clearly see their choice themselves!

So, if a person wants a reading on career or where to move, or a next step in their creative world, I can look at the energy of their options and desires and see where they are being controlled by old fears, or influenced by a past life issue that can be released. I would also see their energy and passion as a soul, and which choices look expansive for them versus narrow or limiting.

Once the energies are cleared and they are more in their body and considering their life choice from their true desires, they can really surprise themselves as to how clear a choice can become. It is seen clearly, or felt, or sometimes a circumstance suddenly appears that directs them effortlessly to an option and they trust themselves and know they have their answer.

Another consideration here at the center is that people see themselves as capable, and able to live their lives more and more guided from an inner compass tuned to their own wisdom and well-being. But, we all need guidance now and then! I am fortunate to have been blessed with the ability to trust myself, as well as receive great help and guidance from many others this life to assist me on my journey. So much amazing information can emerge from a reading or a healing. But most of all, I enjoy teaching and reading people from the awareness that I am helping them to live more and more from their inner sacred space of wisdom, certainty and joy.

May you be blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at