When  I helped create Psychic Horizons Center and the Church of Inner Light 23 years ago, we looked at whether we would use the word “psychic” in the school’s title. We wondered if the word was too charged.

Of course it is for some folks, but that hasn’t stopped us from thriving as a spiritual school for all these years! The word psychic has meant various things through the centuries, and yet the definition of it means “that which is not of the physical,” or “that which is of spirit.” Through time it became a catch-all word for crystal balls and predicting the future.

When we teach people to access and use their psychic abilities, we are not in the very narrow picture of predicting futures and seeing ghosts. Being psychic means being of spirit, and we work in the model that we are all spiritual beings with a body. We teach people to access this wise, creative, limitless part of themselves when they choose. Most people arrive at the Center knowing they are spirit and knowing there is more than meets the eye. They would like to experience their world from a broader context than the physical world. They want to validate their knowingness that there is energy and it can be seen, experienced and cleared.

As teachers, much of our initial work to help people access their abilities involves helping them release invalidation experienced throughout their lives when others have said, “energy isn’t real,” “hunches aren’t real,” and “don’t ever trust your intuition!”

The word clairvoyant means clear sight. It, too became associated with fortune tellers. At the Center, we teach people to access and use their clear sight; to see and sense energy. We teach simple meditative tools that allow people to see energy patterns, chakras, auras, past lives, and to access the Akashic Records, astral levels, the astral body and so much more!

A lot of invalidation energy is released out of the eyes and 6th chakra from instances in life where there was fear of seeing more than meets the eye, fear of being powerful and knowing. But once those old lies are released, the permission to see the “invisible” opens like flood gates and one can see energy patterns as well as see and communicate with spirits. It’s actually a very natural, normal part of the human experience. Students meet spirit guides and angels; talk to their pets and nature spirits; and experience more telepathic communication with other people.

As students tune into the energy of a person asking for a reading, they may have a glimpse into the person’s future, but it’s more important to empower the person to see how their thoughts and feelings are creating the world around them, and how to manage their space energetically so they are creating the life that reflects their truth. It’s a wonderful experience to respond to the world from our truth instead of reacting mainly from old fears.

First we learn to see energy patterns for ourselves so we can heal and re-set our energy for it to resonate with our truth. Then we can assist others to do this as well.

Remembering that our thoughts and feelings are energetic and make an impact is currently very important on the planet, because as things accelerate and raise in vibration, our thoughts and intentions are manifesting more quickly and powerfully. It can be helpful to notice whether your dominant thoughts and feelings are creating the life you desire. Now is a great time to commit to a way of being that fits the world you want to see around you.

It’s easy to be drawn by the news and social media into the game of “us versus them” and the polarization that results. The same tools and information that teach you how to access your clairvoyance take you to the place of Oneness within your core that is free of judgments and power games.

Meditating and deepening into the quiet space within you is a great place to go when the world seems overwhelming. In the quiet of your heart you find all of your answers, and that sense of connection that can elude us in the outer world.

This process seems counter intuitive, because everything seems to be going on “out there.” It’s hard to remember that our outer world is really just a reflection of our inner world. Heal as a spirit, and the spirit heals the body. Heal within, and watch your life heal around you.

Seeing energy and accessing your clairvoyance allows you to do this very efficiently. I see dynamic shifts every day in my life and others’ lives because they learned to work as a spirit and shift the energy. This affects how a person thinks and feels, which alters the energy they are sitting in.

Then, in a space of energetic intention such as peace, joy, or acceptance, the outer world matches where you are, and many people benefit. Then there’s no need to predict a person’s future because they are creating it themselves every day. If they are not creating what they desire, the energy can be looked at and the person can make the desired shifts. You make a profound impact in the world just by being the energy you choose in every moment.

If you have the luxury to not be directly physically involved in the intense challenges some people are experiencing due to climate, wars, or personal trauma, then take the time to connect to the earth, get quiet and tune into the space within you where only love is real. (Of course this is great to do when in crisis, but it’s not always convenient when we are in survival and there are a lot of physical concerns to attend to.)

Close your eyes, and envision a grounded connection from your hips into the earth. Release energies down the grounding cord that don’t serve your best and highest good. Decide to be an instrument of peace.

Choose a place on the planet or a situation in your life that is disturbing and imagine it in a ball of energy in front of you and put a grounding cord on it. Let that situation and all involved release fear, limitations, judgments, power struggles, and any other relevant energies. Then send the bubble compassion and unconditional love. See the bubble of the situation filling in with colors that bring allowance, expansion and deep healing to occur. Trust that all will be well and all will get what they need for their best and highest good.

Breathe and release the healed bubble to the universe. It’s so simple to shift energy! No matter what, you matter and your decision to explore within and heal yourself is a gift to the world! This is what we teach at the Center. We welcome you to our classes, workshops and our many free meditative events.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.