I imagine that if I were to meet Jesus, Buddha or Mother Mary, I would be just astounded at their compassion. Within our DNA is layer 11, which allows us the opportunity to embrace compassion and the wise divine feminine.

Our DNA holds not only our physical chemistry, but is multi-dimensional and holds our ability to evolve into the sacred beings we truly are. Only 4% of our DNA can be seen—the rest is quantum. Even science is figuring this out!

The extent that each of us in a body uses this “quantumness” lies in the choices we make. Many of the higher vibrational levels of our DNA await our activation through a conscious choice to be more loving and aware, kind and happy!

To access layer 11, we must choose to have an inner balance of feminine and masculine, allowing us to see compassion in men and strength in women. We have had too many centuries on this planet where the male/female dynamic has been out of balance.

When we tap into our compassion, we heal hatred and the tendency to find division, which polarizes people against each other. The divine feminine is one of the strongest forces on Earth—it represents the compassionate face of God. When it is activated within us and we put it to work, our body and brain react in ways that astound us. We are even chemically able to bring wisdom to old, worn-out fears that result in greed and violence. Instead we’re free to choose peace, humility and generosity.

Arguably, the difference between us and master beings is that their compassion is accessible 100 percent of the time, and the rest of us are works in progress. We’re still striving to create a planet with gender equality and balance.

Again, men AND women have this quality, and we are ALL learning to balance it! Older souls are weary of the gender game, and have empathy and respect for both qualities. We have all had many past lives and experienced life as male and female all over the world. We have tons of information in our Akashic Records stored within our DNA, information ready to be used now to heal and balance our awareness.

I prefer, as much as possible, to let go of seeing people as a certain gender when they are exhibiting less than loving behavior. Instead, I see a being in a body that happens to be male or female, showing lots of anger, or grief, or hostility. That said, it is true that male bodies are generally stronger and more easily programmed—hard-wired for power over others. But again, that soul in that body is still trying to learn to love, and is in the process.

This divine, compassionate nature within ourselves must be called upon, and when it is, you will find that it is limitless and amazingly powerful! I am sure you have already been figuring this out!

We are each taking our steps to utilize 100 percent of our compassion as master beings do, and it is a daily practice for each of us. In both our personal lives and our world-view of life, we are offered many opportunities to open our hearts and allow love to heal.

It takes care and bravery to do this, as well as a strong desire to do good on this Earth, even while watching some souls in bodies seemingly hell-bent on making life miserable for humanity! Therein lies the dance that we find ourselves in! Creating a loving world in our own little portion of the universe even when it seems we are swimming against the stream.

World events offer us many  chances to have to tap into our compassion. Recently there was a huge earthquake  in Nepal. Mother Earth offers us these opportunities to love each other more and be of service globally! Nepal is right in there, nestled next to India, China and Pakistan. Those neighbors are being given a chance to pay less attention to their fighting and use their armies to provide shelter and food to helpless women, children, wounded and elderly—those hardest hit during calamities like war and natural disasters.

On other levels, globally we have events like 9-11, mass shootings, and conflict between races, religions and authorities. In these situations, compassion also heals. How do you know you are being compassionate like Jesus or Buddha? Because you pray for everyone involved in these events, not just for the people you like or who you think are doing the right thing.

If you are able to pray for all, victims and perpetrators, congratulations, you have jumped a big hurdle! Few people understand that we are all one, and that means we are ALL one. We are not just “one” with the people we like! Unity consciousness would heal all things now. I say, it IS healing all things now. So keep on being that amazing soul who knows this and sends compassion to all!

Pray and have compassion for the people who can’t live from their hearts yet. Feed the love so it multiplies and seeps into them because the world is overflowing with compassion! As with gender, I try to avoid labeling people by race, religion, political party, wealth, or anything else. In any given moment, a person is either operating from their compassion and divine, wise feminine space, or they are not! If they are not, they need more love!

I can’t control where everyone else is, but I can control my reactions, thoughts and feelings. Then, I am demonstrating what I believe promotes a win/win for humanity and those around me, including the planet and animals!

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.