We are in an amazing time of transformation on the planet on so many levels that it’s hard to remember that the main point of it is a consciousness change versus all the physical shifts going on!

It’s easy to get distracted by the physical wake-up calls. Now is the time to treasure and validate your spiritual practice, because that is the currency you draw on in times of intense transformation. Time spent meditating and validating your path comes in handy when you are in the kind of consciousness change that causes you to doubt your value, or wonder what the point is. Deep within you is the awareness of the truth of you, despite what the fear in the world is trying to make you believe.

Part of having a consciousness shift on any level involves letting go of old concepts that no longer resonate with you. As they come up to be released, you don’t always feel that good, because the energy you are releasing isn’t generally that happy! It’s helpful to remember that you can un-match from the energy you are releasing.

Of course one of the tricks is seeing and noticing the energy that wants to bring you down so that you can choose to see that you are separate from it. Get quiet, meditate, and look within when it all gets overwhelming. See what is really trying to happen in your space.

Huge paradigm shifts are occurring, and the parts of each of us that helped
create them have to be released in order for the shifts to occur. We each are returning to love as a guide on all levels.

When you find yourself in spiritual or psychic confusion, start seeing it as a time to release and to choose your vision and what you believe in. That is what you will replace the energy that you are releasing with. Celebrate it!

Energies that you are releasing do not resonate with the new vibration of extra love that you are transforming into, and they are not in the balance of Divine Masculine and Feminine that you are embodying. So let them go!

There are three aspects of this transformation process that we can validate and clear spiritually in our space. They help you navigate and find your space when things seem overwhelming, and the love that you know is real seems really far away.

First is Oneness. When we are in a big change or triggered we tend to look outside of ourselves to see what we can blame for our discomfort. But if you remember that we are all one, whoever or whatever we want to blame is an extension of ourself. The first place to look to is within. Find your space of stillness, and bring some love to yourself. Like attracts like in the metaphysical world. What you are being you are creating, so remember to look to yourself first, validate yourself, love yourself, and then the answers you find to what ever you are working on will be birthed in the love and awareness that you are all. Then, we create solutions that benefit all, not just a few.

Next, validate the natural rhythms and cycles of nature and how they translate into your life. When we are in a big shift, and don’t feel like we have a sold foundation, we want to control and make things happen. We forget to validate the ebb and flow of our lives, and remember that what we are experiencing is somehow perfect and part of our chosen plan. Otherwise it wouldn’t have happened. Life is constantly carrying us from one side of a dichotomy to another and all points in between.

Meditate, find that loving space of stillness within you, and find some comfort in that which you believe is eternal. You are not the situation you find yourself in, it is just that, a situation. See the true you observing the event, and remember that this too shall pass. Use your freewill to perceive it in a different way, and set your space for the outcome that has a spiritual solution for you.

Thirdly, remember to draw upon your comfort with the mystery and the unknown. Whatever you see going on with the planet— the economy, careers, environmental disaster— being comfortable with the mystery means that you have a trust in a greater power and you can admit that you may not be able to comprehend it in the physical body. For example, you have the power as a spirit to create a solar system. But you may not have a sense of how to go about it or why you would want to! There are some things our rational mind has a hard time grasping. But the rational mind is not your Self.

Who are you? Well, not knowing that is the reason we are having discomfort in this time of shift. Who we thought we were, and how we thought we fit into this world are not longer working. Our concept of safety is being challenged and all frameworks in our society that were not birthed from love are falling to pieces.
We teach energy tools here at Psychic Horizons Center that help you in this process of uncovering the soul essence of you and living from that spiritual awareness 24 hours a day.

The key, of course is love. Love yourself, because we treat others the way that we feel about ourselves. When we live from the awareness of Oneness, rhythms and trust in the mystery, it becomes easier and easier to live from the heart, no longer finding anyone outside of you to blame, change or judge.

May you feel blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.