It’s a fascinating time of revelations. Secrets emerge daily from around the world, in your country, town and community. In part thanks to social media, instant communication and access to news 24/7, what has been buried in the shadows of the past is being revealed for healing.

When all this seems overwhelming and out of control, can you close your eyes, relax and center within? Be in a vibration and intention of forgiveness. Imagine a bubble in front of you that contains the crazy over-stimulation of all that is going on in the world. See this connected to the center of the earth. The insanity that we have created as beings in bodies didn’t originate in the truth of Love and Oneness. So the positive thing is that these revelations arise and offer us the opportunity to forgive and transmute them back to innocence.

Situations created from fear versus love are being blessed with eyes of awareness that are free of the fear and judgement that created them. Anything that exists other than for the purpose of reflecting Love and Oneness is a lie which our judgement feeds. So as part of our spiritual path we practice looking at all with innocence. Maybe you can look at this bubble of intensity happening on the planet right now with a baby’s eyes.

Forgive it all. Because when we can’t forgive, we are saying that we can’t accept the part of our self that is the same as what we are judging. We are not at peace. If something wasn’t created from an awareness that we are all connected and of Source then it must be returned to love to be healed. By looking at the greed and fear on the planet with love, it is transformed. Bless it.

Look at it as if you don’t know anything about it because it was created from a mind that believed in separation and hate, and you don’t understand that lie. By saying to yourself that you don’t know what it’s for, you are releasing power from it and you aren’t supporting any reason for it to exist. Again, anything that exists other than for the purpose of love and oneness is a lie. This is a way to stop feeding it.

Are you willing, in this moment, to even look at something in this bubble that you perceive as unforgivable, and bless it with love? Stop arguing for or against it. Bless it. Freedom from what we hold against ourselves and others comes from blessing it and forgiving it.

No matter the issue or ailment or who was involved, release the argument in your head as you meditate and say hello to your heart. Decide that whatever is so awful was created from a confused mind that didn’t reflect the love and oneness of God/Goddess. The mind was distracted by the illusion of lack and hate.

As you love and forgive, the reason for the existence of anything birthed from fear lessens and disappears. The ego does not like this process. There are things in your life right now that your ego thinks it can’t or won’t forgive. It may equate forgiveness with condoning. This is where a spiritual practice and awareness of energy serve their purposes.

These two things help the ego and body personality release the lies and programming so that the real you, you who are an eternal soul of love and light, can emerge more fully.

Bless and bring light and awareness to the voice in your head that argues against love and forgiveness. That voice was not born from an awareness that knew the truth—that we are all One. Therefore, whatever we judge in another and do to another we do to ourselves.

Innocence is the beginning. As you enjoy this autumn season and release that which doesn’t serve you, take time to look at yourself, as well, with innocence. What are you judging within yourself? About another? The ability to bless and to heal creation arises in your mind right now. Divinity flows through you, right now, and only awaits being directed by you, and thus you create your reality. Like the trees release their leaves, release notions of punishment and blame, and create more space within you for blessings and forgiveness. Let the bubble full of the overwhelming energies of life and the world be filled with gold light. Then, let it go.

You’re always welcome to join us for a class, workshop, free healing or meditative church service. We offer so much! Support yourself in your evolution as a spirit. Let’s create more revelations born from love and kindness!

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other,” said Mother Teresa. May you feel blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson  has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at