As capable beings striving to be true to our purpose on Earth, we have created ample opportunities to practice returning to love. Part of our plan involves reincarnating over and over, to learn our lessons faster and build up the planet’s energy to a higher level of consciousness.

Another part of our plan involves creating life experiences through our family, workspace, health, relationships and more that challenge us with situations that seem to threaten our ability to be in control. They challenge us to find love in all situations!

Sometimes people want to give up because they believe past experience proves that things will never work out. But the experiences we have aren’t who we are. They are just experiences. What is real and relavent as a spiritual being is how we distill the experience into a lesson and find the love.

Lessons learned become the essence of you. You are a spiritual being that has a physical body, and you are building a light body comprised of your wisdom. It is built as you take action from the intent of love. That is the lesson. This heals karma, and builds the light body or ascension body. You build this body from your loving actions and intent.

We each experience the chance to love more in daily life in relationship to personal as well as planetary karmic issues that are playing out. There is a lot on our plates!

One of the big ones at the moment is the oil spill. If all needs to be brought back to love, how do we do it with something of this magnitude? It seems like a slam- dunk judgment situation; blame BP, the government, the gas guzzlers or the McMansions that require so much extra fuel to heat and cool their interiors. It may be a challenge to bring this experience back to love, where the healing occurs. This isn’t about getting rid of the concept of judgment. We judge what to wear, eat, who to talk to etc… But when judgment is used to avoid emotion, we are stuck, and healing does not occur.

So, with the oil spill, we rush to judge the people and entities we think are responsible because we want to avoid feeling the pain that the situation brings up. Feeling the devastation of the loss of earthly beauty and creatures decimated by this spill as well as the loss of jobs and our children’s and grandchildren’s beaches. It can seem endless, overwhelming and heartbreaking. And that’s what it is meant to be for a certain amount of time.

For some, this may be the low they have to hit to choose to see a new way of living life and loving this planet and each other it offers humanity another chance to recognize that the organism of mother earth is intertwined intimately with each of us psychologically, physiologically, spiritually and on a pragmatic level, economically. For others this event makes them change jobs or locations. Often discomfort or an enforced change is what has to happen for a person to change a pattern and learn more about themselves. Some people will stay stuck in pain and anger.

So before you judge anyone in a scenario, look at the emotions you are trying to avoid by judging them. Feel the emotions, and process them. Find some way to learn about how to love in this situation. Then, let the desire to spread the love fuel you to take action with loving intent, right there in your own home. Begin to recycle more, walk more or use less unnecessary resources. Eat better, play more, plant some veggies or flowers and greet the day with your joy. You may take your action another step by volunteering, or contributing ways to care for others and the planet.

The key is to come from love with whatever action you choose. Coming from judgment feeds the pool of hate on the planet. The universe doesn’t take my hate and decide it’s okay because I teach spiritual tools. My judgment just feeds the judgment pool.

So when you rush to judge anything, realize that you were just presented with an unmet expectation, and it pushed your button. Someone didn’t do what you wished they would, and it’s easier to judge them than look within and heal the issue that the pain or frustration brings up in you.

In order to avoid your own emotion, and it’s easier to rush to blame and badmouth whoever is involved, than to sit quietly with yourself and look at what needs to transmute in yourself so that you can actually be of service to the planet rather than contribute to the judgment that’s already out there.

After all, you created the experience because you wanted the chance the learn the lesson. And you wanted the lesson to lead you to a loving solution to whatever you are looking at, be it an oil spill or a loud neighbor.

So, this in no way is saying to not take action. You need to process your emotion about the oil spill or whatever brings you to judge and blame someone else. The emotion is there to alert you that something is not okay. But taking action from a place of judgment just keeps the whole game going.

Feel the sadness of the situation, but see the bigger picture. Let the situation take you to a level of loving action that you never thought possible in yourself. It is what is healing the planet right now, and you are one of the people qualified for the job! May you be blessed and supported on your path!

I love assisting people in the use their energy tools and intuition to work through this process. Then we each do our part to heal the group karma on the planet. Let’s bring it back to love!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at