Lucky you if you are cultivating the ability to find delight in simple things! When I travel I don’t compare places,  I just love where I find myself. On a recent three-week trip, for example, it was fun  to  see where we would end up camping each night.

Each place had its wonderments—a clear stream, a banana slug, blooming fire weed and bear grass,  singing frogs and birds, or a mysterious ocean fog. Our last night was spent camping in Nevada under a cottonwood. The rains came and the smell of wet sage and desert earth was so soothing and healing.

In each moment, there is  no place I would rather be but where I am, no matter if I’m at a truck stop getting fuel or visiting powerful and beautiful places  including Sedona, the Redwoods, Mt. Shasta and Crater Lake. Of course, the National Mustard Museum is right up there, too!
Currently, I am sitting in an office in front of a computer, a clock is ticking and I’m writing this article. I am not in nature, nor on vacation, but my mind, once stilled, doesn’t need to withdraw from this creative expression that I choose,  involving my work here at the center.

I am present as Spirit to do this task, just as I am present as Spirit when I hike or paint a picture. I can be senior as a Spiritual being and own my experience of wherever I am, because where I am doesn’t control me. I decide the nature of my experience.   I come from who I Am.

A quiet mind doesn’t rate an experience, or judge a situation. A quiet mind allows itself to be guided and led from Spirit, to follow only the voice of Love. This is living as a Master. We all can do it, the trick is recognizing when our ego is interfering. Ego wants to sensationalize things, get attention. Yet a life led from love as a master is really quite ordinary for most of us. We experience weather, bills,  relationship challenges, and the body needs its attention! It is how we address each moment in life, who we are being, that reflects our mastery.

You will notice the interfering ego because it starts wondering: How can I get more? How can I avoid feeling a certain way or avoid certain situations? How can I get more approval? How can I be acknowledged as someone important? How can I gain more power and control?  A mind grounded in stillness and peace will notice those thoughts, but not   follow them.

It is a funny cycle to observe—our need to gain approval from the very people who value the ego-based illusions that we are attempting to break free of!  Placing value on our location, or whose attention we have gotten, or what we do, or look like are fleeting validations, at best. They come from an ego need, and the ego’s survival depends on you using emotions and the mind to be in service to fears and doubts.

Fears and doubts keep us living a life of drama and effort that actually only serves to keep us engaged with the lies of illusion and separation! We get pulled into the form of our world, our looks, our bank accounts—how we look to others instead of the energy of who we are in each moment. When we learn to be neutral, we are free to imbue each moment with Spirit. Free of judgement, free of punishment, free of the need to get something.

The opposite is giving. Showing up to life, moment to moment, and asking what you have to offer that moment. It can be so simple. In small ways you offer your smile, your acceptance, your joy, your wondering. In another instance the Holiness of  Spirit guides you to offer advice, to be of physical service, to give someone something they need. As a master, you know that whatever is offered in love, with no need for gain, is of the miraculous-pureness of the Infinite of which we all truly are.  The ego needs the gratification, but spirit, which is of the Oneness of All, does not require it.

We are, each of us, healing the lie that we are somehow separate from limitless Love. We  heal with each breath we take, and each time we choose to bring our spiritual awareness to life and see more than meets the eye. To see the bigger, spiritual, picture is to succeed in your Ascension process by making one million right decisions, as Saint Germaine teaches.

Cultivate within how to live as spirit in a physical body. One way is to own the center of your head. Clear your mind  by releasing energies and concepts that don’t resonate with your truth. Often we get stuck with an old authoritarian voice in our heads that doesn’t want to shut up. Close your eyes and ground your body. Then, intend to release the foreign thoughts and concepts down your grounding cord. Or, imagine that critical voice as a color and put it into a bubble in front of you and explode it. Send them on their way.

Another way to clear your center of head is by cultivating  non-attachment to the thoughts wandering through. Say to yourself,  “That thought about not being enough is not who I AM, I AM Love!” Or “That judgment I have about that person’s  life is not who I AM, I AM the eyes of Infinite Compassion!” Or, “I am not that thought of lack, I AM abundant!”

Then, imagine a beautiful color of spiritual ownership and fill your center of head in with that vibration. Our How to Heal Yourself class helps you fine-tune this process in other ways as well!

All of us are on a wild ride at the moment, juggling daily the many adventures and experiences we have called to us. Some days we sail through quite swimmingly, and other days are more challenging and our body lets us know to rest and let go of the plans that we thought were so important!

You are enough, no matter where you find yourself. Any voice that dares to say otherwise is not of Infinite Spirit. May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at