The Cuttlefish Maneuver

The cuttlefish, 10-armed kin of the octopus, undulates and glides along the sea bed. When it lands on various rocks, plants and sand it instantly changes its coloring and skin patterns. Not just subtle changes, but quite radically. 

From beige and creams and tans to larger and bolder black and white splotches to match its surroundings. I presume for safety, and perhaps as well to hide in plain site in order to catch a meal. 

These cuttlefish maneuvers just may just be the story of our lives. 

In our own human cuttlefish-like way we are constantly changing aspects of ourselves as well. Instead of drifting and landing on varying underwater terrain, we change our frequency as we encounter people and experiences. 

From childhood we learn to change our energy signature to appeal to the adults around us. We adapt in order to feel safe and loved. Hypothetically for mother we need to seem self sufficient so that we do not overwhelm her, even though we would love her support. Pleasing grandma involves not letting on that we want to study art. For a certain uncle we want to appear more cerebral because it’s what he values. For grandpa we seem very brave even when we are afraid. For a sibling we lower or raise our own male or female vibration depending on how comfortable they are with us. For father we assume a more serious nature because too much joy makes him uncomfortable. On a date we make sure they think we are not too crazy or too laid back.

We unconsciously change what we show to each person in order to gain approval. It’s not a bad skill and used consciously can be very helpful. But what have these people in our lives been seeing in us? Is it the truth of us or the false picture we present? What happens to our true self after it’s covered over year after year by the valence of what others will find more acceptable? When do we unconsciously start to defend and live based upon the valence we became instead of the beingness of our true self?  It may not matter to the cuttlefish whether or not it knows it true colors. But for us, it does. 

As life goes on, our true knowingness that once was in tune with our personal joy, inspiration, desires and spontaneity gets buried under all that camouflage. Imagine that every time we changed our colors, a residue was left over. That buildup of energetic residue starts to filter and distort our true picture and awareness of ourselves. We lose sight of who we are. What do we really need to be happy? What is our creative genius? What do we truly value? 

A spiritual path, to an extent, is the journey of discovering the energies and concepts that we mistakenly thought to be true. Once seeing them for the lies that they are we can choose to release them. 

We may choose to use our cuttlefish magic for a certain person or situation and it could be for a very good reason. We may want to hide in plain sight or avoid unwanted negative energies. But when we shift our frequency and simultaneously feel confident in knowing our truth, then we are not a victim to the skill. It is our tool. At your core, remember the truth of who and what you are. Then your shifting ability is a gift and not a prison because you always know you can  recalibrate to the truth of you. 

The Snowflake

One day I looked at snowflake portraits. A photographer managed to capture them against black backgrounds, magnified many times over. The deep-heart feeling and radical awe they inspired within me was unexpected.  I am alert for these moments of amazement, because they are the true north that I consciously set my life guidance upon. These are the moments when I feel the limitless and indescribable truth of what is real. The welling of feeling they elicit expands from my heart and emanates through every cell and I am forever changed.

The snowflakes did it for me. So concise and perfect in their clarity and detail. Limitless, luminous numbers of  snowflakes exist and no two alike. Ephemeral, yet they will exist in some form again. I can marvel at the data and science of temperature and pressure, but what blueprint allows this to occur and who or what set it into motion? 

The geometric order of each crystal is astounding. I stare at them and feel like there’s a key to something there…just out of reach. Within them, behind them, somewhere is the Divine Creator of All, the Order within the Chaos; The Unchanging within the Constantly Changing. In this moment all is Love, Oneness…the mystical mystery from which the universal story unfolds. Why can I feel this? It’s the energy that drives the story of our lives. It’s what we are. 

Remember What you Are

The cuttlefish need only shift its own skin to exist in peace with its surroundings. It doesn’t change the entire ocean and everything around it. Only itself. The same is true with you. Manage that space within you; your thoughts your feelings, your focus.  Choose anew, from moment to moment from the awareness of your true essence and your desire will draw you ever closer to people and events that nourish the truth of you.  

Embrace experiences that ignite the crystalline clarity of the radically amazing mystery; that state of Grace, where all just is, nothing to be fixed, nothing needs to be done, no expectations to aspire to. Love Is. You Are. Remember what you are. 

May you feel blessed and supported on your path. 

Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching spiritual classes and doing clairvoyant readings and healings  for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at