The energies of 2014 will be remarkable. As you align with the 5th dimensional frequencies you will experience levels of ease, love and peace in whole new ways.

Amidst that peace will also be the challenge of bridging the deep chasms between what is of love and what is not. If you are able to experience more love and light than ever, the difference between that and what isn’t of love and light is even more pronounced. These resulting chasms challenge us to release control and find ways to build bridges and embrace differences in a healing and loving way that benefits all, not just a few!

In your personal life, unfinished inner politics will be challenged. The comfort of order, with alignment to certain rules and belief systems will have to change, especially those that we are attached to that involve a right way and a wrong way. The distances between seeing eye-to-eye will seem farther apart than ever. In this year of healing differences, we will find ourselves in situations that allow us to build bridges of love across these chasms, or, in other cases, just lovingly let it all go!

We each have our own unique triggers. We know it is not of love because we are attached, and if this certain thing is threatened, a level of reason and spiritual awareness goes out the window. We have our triggers, in relation to work, relationships, children, bodies, politics, religion etc… The ego says, “This thing can’t change, and I will try and control all I can to keep it the same, including lying to myself to justify my behavior, and whatever else I have to do to keep this safe, secure aspect of my life intact.”

It is fun to watch this with our pets. I realized long ago, that I didn’t escape the politics around children and all the control and competition that comes with that world, because I have a dog. The politics of dog owner versus dog owner is very complicated. Yes, I am laughing!

Paying attention to the little political squabbles in our personal lives helps us deal with the bigger events that come along. How can I contribute to a healed world, and expect people to love one another and get along regardless of race, religion, economic status etc… if I can’t do it in my neighborhood with another dog owner?

Recently, I walked my dog Angus behind my condos, something I rarely do. A dog reared and barked from behind an owner’s sliding glass doors, clearly not happy that we were passing through.

When I returned from my walk, the owner of the dog approached me and said “Please don’t let your dog pee in my garden, it really upset my dog.” I said, “Angus didn’t pee in your garden.” (There is a fence around it and we were in the grass behind the units.) She said, “Yes he did, I was watching out the window, I saw him lift his leg.”

I really didn’t know if he peed or not, I just knew that if he did, it clearly was impossible for him to pee in her fenced-in garden. Choosing not to argue, I apologized and walked on to my unit.

Dog politics! A chasm was created between two people, each attached to a side. I am right, you are wrong. My dog is perfect, your dog is bad. I am a good dog owner, you are not.

I gave myself permission to indulge a few fantasy responses: The sarcastic: “Okay, so I should tell everyone with dogs not to walk around my unit because it makes Angus bark?” Or, the self-righteous: “I am over 55 years old, I have raised 4 dogs, and I can tell you that you are so perfection-oriented in relationship to your dog that you are causing it to be neurotic,” to the REALLY self-righteous: “I just counseled a person who found out they have cancer, this is petty, get a life!”

What heals these chasms will not come from the mind, or emotions fueled by our inner pain, but from our ability to tap into our sacred heart space, and bridge to one another from the heart. And amidst all that, it may then be best to let the issue go, as I did with this person. It is forgiven. I see why she is so upset, and I will continue to genuinely say hello to her when I see her, and life goes on. I must heal the relationship with myself to my heart, so I feel understanding towards her. When I am kind to her, I am kind to the part of me from my past that has been unreasonable when it has come to dog politics.

I did a forgiveness exercise with her, envisioning us sitting before each other, holding hands, and meeting eyes. I say to her, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you, I love you.” This never fails to help me meet someone heart-to-heart, in new territory. I may never see the person physically face to face, I may never speak to them, but I can do this exercise!

Another way to bridge the chasm is with amusement. I reached that easily because Angus was quite nonplussed and amused about it all. Our pets are quite the masters, leading us into areas where we can heal and grow, when we least expect it! He knew what he was leading me into when he guided me behind the condos! It was a chance to not become the irritation of someone else. Angus and I were happy, and that need not change because someone didn’t like us!

Also, meditate daily. You begin your day calm, centered, and ready to address whatever chasms open in your life, be it with pets, at work, another war or example of hate and prejudice on the planet.

Nourish your creativity this year. Instead of dwelling on what is wrong, engage your attention on creating, whether it is art, dance, cooking, or creating a solution to a big issue from a loving base! Instead of dwelling on this issue, I can plan my garden, write a poem, listen to music or look up a new soup to make!

And, I recommend finding ways to be of service. Nothing heals a chasm like helping another! Volunteer and reach out and help someone. No action or gesture is too small. Money, a phone call, flowers, help with a task; it is fun to choose someone and do a good deed!

Have a great year building bridges of love, and releasing what doesn’t serve you. May you be blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at