I love to find the magic and beauty in each environment I encounter. I am lucky that way, because it means I rarely find myself feeling like I am missing something. I am where I am!

Where I am is the best place for me to be in that moment. Besides seeing what I notice, I also sense intuitively the energies of the environment. In that capacity, it is fun to do a healing on a space to help its vibration. I am never bored!

Even while noticing the beauty and dynamics of a space, I am aware of the other side as well. On a recent walk I noticed varieties of beetles on the trail. It is a wide trail that follows the base of the foothills here in Boulder, so it’s easy to see little creatures on it.

I took the time to move some of the beetles off the trail so they wouldn’t get smashed. I saw two dung beetles working together and actively rolling their dung ball down the trail. It was fascinating to watch their technique as a team, and to see how amazingly smooth and spherical the dung ball was, making it easier to move. It still looked like hard work, rolling the ball through dirt and gravel to their nest so their babies would have food when they hatched.

Suddenly I was worried about them. People were walking and cycling, and these two creatures were going to get crushed. What would the babies eat? I decided to move my giant human fingers down to them, pick up the ball (about the size of a large marble) and move it and them to the edge of the trail.

One of the beetles stuck with the ball while it’s partner was left in the middle of the trail. I saw how startled it was, as it looked side to side to find its partner and dung ball that had mysteriously jettisoned away! I picked it up and set it by the ball, but the little beetle had pulled into itself in fear and didn’t move when I set it down.
Within the revery of this hike, with the chickory, meadolarks, mullein and sweet peas, I was reminded that even though I feared for the beetles, that I, too, was an intruder in their lives even though I meant well!

I went on with my hike, and when I came back by, the beetles were still there with their dung. They hadn’t moved. I sent them love and apologized for interfering in their world. But who knows, maybe they were fine and pontificating on the saying, “Shit Happens!”

I am not saying that I feel I did the wrong thing, but it just reminded me that sometimes what we see as healing is really meddling, and there can be a fine line between the two!
In the mean time, perhaps those two little beetles were up for some human interaction! There are Buddhists who save insects and say prayers to help them make a faster, more evolved reincarnation. Instead of coming back as a fly ten more times, maybe they can leap to being a bird!

Within any environment, there is much to be experienced and loved. Then, sometimes the fear arises when we see that all is so vulnerable! So, when I see a parade of parents and their children enjoying the trail, I also know there are children at that same moment who are hungry or alone.

This is how it is on our planet! Everything we see is vulnerable. A child, a beetle, a flower, ourselves, money, career, the air that we breathe.

So, we use our spiritual awareness to make sense of this, and see it within the spiritual laws versus our human ones. I want the beetles to be okay, but maybe it is their path to be stepped on. Is that bad? They move on as spirits, and their bodies are food for other insects. I saw this as well on the trail. Birds and insects feeding on the dead bugs. Nature has a plan and use for everything!

I gave a woman a clairvoyant reading once, and her question, asked through her tears, was along this topic. How do I enjoy this world and the pets and animal kingdom that I hold so sacred when I know there are animals being tortured in labs and farms as we speak?

It’s a great question, and I can’t really answer it. At least not in terms of how she can personally deal with it. I can only communicate to how she can learn to perceive what is known more from the eyes of spirit, and use that awareness to feel great love and compassion for our world and the creatures she is worried about. She can send them a healing, thank them for their life, and then look at how much there is in her immediate world to love.

This, then, is about being in present time and loving what is in that moment. Sometimes we are also saddened by suffering and loss, but that need not diminish out ability to also love what we are experiencing in the moment.

This is a skill, and it takes practice! Once as a child, I saw a cat chasing a mouse. I decided to try to save the mouse and pursued them right into the street where a car ran over the mouse. I was shocked and confused. But I have learned to not close my heart and stay in grief because the world isn’t happy and safe all of the time for every creature! I can now admire my intention and heart as a child instead of thinking I did a bad thing.

It’s the skill of living from compassion, and seeing how that feeds our passion and enthusiasm for our amazing lives in the midst of chaos and change.

Mary Bell Nyman and I are teaching a workshop on this in August, called Loving Open Heartedly: The Answer to Everything. (See page 6) Masters live from their compassion space, and bring it to the table moment to moment.

As masters, we will deepen into our hearts in a safe and fun way so our responses and awarenesses are more in tune with where we would each like to be. It is a personal journey; we can’t tell you how to be. But we are great at guiding you to your unique, creative version of a compassionate, open-hearted reflection of Creator!

Thank you for your part in the transformation of our world. May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.