Spring emerges with such force yet gentleness. Baby plants bore through the earth aiming for the sky and their time in the sun. Tender tree leaves unfurl even as snows will most likely fall. Cold winds don’t thwart the delicate plum and forsythia blossoms. It’s a lovely time of birth, change and growth.

A fun rebirth occurred at my brother’s house recently. He lives in his bedroom, as he is disabled. He noticed a large insect across the room on the top of his coat rack. His son came to investigate and discovered a beautiful yellow and black butterfly, fresh from its chrysalis, drying  its damp, crumpled wings.

He carried it to my brother, where it hung out on his arm.  The chrysalis was hanging from a coat! Apparently the caterpillar crawled into my brother’s  room last fall and headed up the coat rack. It must have seemed ike a fine tree! There it hung for months, listening to a lot of TV. I mean a lot; he rarely turns that thing off! Such an interesting mock up for a little creature! It heard all of the news and entertainment of the human world while it was transforming, as well as conversations with people who visit my brother.

I laughed  remembering all the games of Cards Against Humanity we played in his room while I was there at Christmas. If you are not familiar with that game just know that it has no social redeeming value. The butterfly received a thorough education! After it’s wings dried, they opened the bedroom window and it flew off, a yellow splash against the early spring landscape.

We humans play out our dramas  while Mother Earth and the natural world follow their blueprint of transformation and growth. There is an ebb and flow in nature, with each life-form living its purpose. Nature follows its plan with few distractions because it doesn’t have free will like we do. The caterpillar had its miraculous change amidst the noise of TV, cigarette smoke, laughter, and  pain. It transformed and flew off, a bright yellow spash against the early brown spring landscape.

We find ourselves in odd environments as well as we transform…dare I mention the political circus? But just like the caterpillar has all the information it needs to fulfill its purpose, the solution to every single thing you perceive is within you as well! The challenge is holding the truth of your vision amidst elections, controversy, bills, health issues, work challenges, relationships. Being your true spiritual self doesn’t end just because something is uncomfortable or challenging! That is when you need to access your spiritual space the most!

There are more varieties of fear on the planet than ever before, and that’s because there are more light workers on the planet than ever before. Fear is a quality of love that has less light. When you see fear in your space, release it into a rose and let it go before it gets into your chakras and mind and programs you to change your picture of the world you believe in! Every time you release fear-based perceptions you are choosing love and you become the solution and antidote to the hardships in the world.

But remember to heal yourself! Pay attention and be aware. Catch yourself when in blame  or judgement towards yourself or another, and instead tap into your inner truth and love!

Take a moment and  find your amusement! We are not oriented to our divine nature when we are depressed or serious. Instead of getting pulled into the negativity and distractions try the following options:

  1. Tap into your creativity. Notice an aspect of your creativity you would love to access or validate! Make time for it.
  2. Be of service. Smile, donate time, money, or send someone a healing. Help a neighbor, send someone a card.
  3. Create time for movement and meditation. See them in balance and release any resistance to them. Time to meditate gets programmed out of our space quickly in our culture that values action.
  4. Pay attention to your thoughts. Are they your cheerleader? Or are they tearing down? Your thoughts create your reality. Create a fun affirmation!
  5. Bring light to your darkness. Consciously address an inner fear you would love to heal. Release lies of unworthiness, and allow more light and love within.
  6. Remember you are of divinity; you are a butterfly already! Validate the eternal, loving truth of you. Do you talk to God/Goddess often? When you look in the mirror, do you see a sacred being? I hope so!
  7. Remember to be in self-love. Make your space a judgment-free zone! Check in with your intention for every thought, word and deed. Is it loving to you? Set your space to give of yourself because you are so loved, inside and out, that what you have to offer overflows from you. And, are you allowed to receive love? Compliments? Help? Community is essential in these transformational times.

Darkness and light both come from human consciousness. Light is active and shines into the darkness. The human mind contains more light than anything else in the universe. All that you need is within you and you are birthing a new world.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.