Someone once told me that he didn’t believe in prayer. If prayer were real, he mused, why don’t  all prayers get answered? A person can pray for more money which doesn’t arrive or for someone to live who dies anyway. We pray for world peace but seem to see more wars erupting. There was unrest in him because of it. I experience prayer as a feeling, not an intellectual understanding. It’s not black and white with clear-cut lines between winners and losers. Prayer is about faith and an inner knowing of a connection to something benevolent that is unseen and vaster than logic.

In prayer, one believes there is more than meets the eye—perhaps God, or that we are each of  spirit—the part of us that is eternal. This fellow’s evaluation of prayer was based on physical verification that something was real: physical rewards, physical healing, physically-seen observations. However, the physical realm is but a tiny, tiny part of our world.

That which is eternal is spirit, and spirit has its own system of healing and transformation. I knew I wasn’t going to change him and I didn’t try. He will experience it in his way when he is ready. We are raised in a culture that all but shuts out the world of spirit. Yet operating in the world as an energy being and a physical being should be as easy to us as cooking a can of soup.

Ideally, this would mean, from childhood, being taught the energetic correlation to all we see and learn. Being consciously psychic means you can have a 360-degree view of your world. Whereas before, maybe I just hoped for more money and wondered what physically had to be done to get it, now I have a wholly different view. I can look at the energy of abundance in general, clear limiting thoughts out of my space, admire the exchange of currency on the planet and see myself as deserving of it. I can get excited about spending money, giving money away, saving money, and creating a joyful relationship with it. I can consider the truth of where abundance really comes from.

In regard to prayer and healing, the limited view is that praying for someone’s recovery is a matter of life and death. With psychic awareness, I can see a whole different view. We all die; why should I presume that my desire for this person supersedes their own perfect path? We don’t always consciously know what we have planned for ourselves, let alone for another. Rather than pray from the stance that physical life is the only “good “outcome, I will pray for the healing of a person as a spirit, the part of them that is eternal. What is for this soul’s best and highest good? Thy will be done.

Millions pray daily for world peace, yet awaken to seemingly more and more war and power struggles.  We look for and wish for more physical signs of peace, but there is the larger energetic plan for our planet, comprised of millions of souls at different levels of learning. The only reason there are still wars is because people still believe that they can really kill someone. Spirit cannot be killed. Perhaps we really will return to physical form until peace is truly learned. Spirit is eternal, and that which is spirit is love. All in the physical world is a consequence of  what we put our attention on, individually and collectively. Some souls aren’t ready to see as much love in others or in themselves. We all do our best. But if we waited for total physical verification that peace exists before we could have faith, we would all be waiting a very long time.

One time a student asked me what I would do if I discovered that this world of spirit and energy was not real. It was a great question! What if there is no Oneness and no love guiding our inner purpose to tune into? The answer was pretty simple to me. I’m in charge of my life and my perceptions shape my world. So what feels best to me? Living from fear or living from love?

The book “The Trust Frequency” by Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow presents an assumption to tune one’s crown chakra into: The Trust Frequency. It is “an elevated state of being where the soul’s destiny awaits, with more abundance, balance, freedom, and joy than we can imagine. It is where the true nature of the Universe is experienced. It is available to anyone, anywhere, anytime.”

Our human Earth family will find the connection within each one of us that brings us all together and burns out the lie of separation and lack. Assisting others in finding this connection within themselves is part of our focus at the Center. Join us for a class, workshop, church or a free healing, and get some support as you navigate the balance of the physical and spiritual this lifetime. May you feel blessed and supported on your path.  

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