Handling change is a dance! But challenges offer us chances to dig deep within to test our faith and inner foundation.

We each discover how to align with Creator and respond to life from our truth. This is the payoff for having established a spiritual path that leads you to peace, joy and a loving connection with Divinity.

We practice with the small challenges and annoyances so that when something happens that turns our life upside down, we have a foundation to land on that will, unfailingly, bring us back to love.

A clairvoyant perspective gives you 360 degrees of awareness from which to choose a perspective, and then act from your truth.

We teach how to do this in every class we teach! It can be as simple or as detailed as you want it to be, but it will always come from you choosing to look, first, within yourself.

When challenged close your eyes and ground to Mother Earth. When I need support grounding, I enlist the help of my spiritual friends to check in and help ground me and the situation!

But usually, if you’ve been practicing grounding and getting centered regularly, it will become second nature to you. You need not sit and do it, you need only to have a very brief and clear intention to validate your connection to the planet, and a sense of connection to your crown chakra certainty and awareness. You are turning to God and your higher wisdom to guide your next actions and responses.

When you’re quiet, with eyes closed and grounded, you tune out distractions and explore your feelings. From a neutral center of head space with no judgment or punishment, this becomes easy. Then the feelings you experience are just allowed to be. Outrage, sadness, fear, anger, confusion or numbness are letting you know that something is off, and you, the spiritual being, are needed to assist in bringing balance back. Just like if you took a mis-step in a dance! It’s time to do some conscious recovery.

Notice your feelings with neutrality and compassion. They may be telling you that something is amiss, and that is okay! Some emotions aren’t yours to heal, so you can let them go down your grounding cord. You will only release what isn’t yours, so you don’t have to worry! The emotion that is yours to heal and transmute will stay with you. This is not about getting rid of emotion, it’s about noticing feelings, seeing what they are alerting you to, and then shifting to an emotion that will work for you.

Decide that you want to learn about yourself through these feelings. Decide to connect with God/Goddess Creator! This can be a feeling in your heart, or an intention of connection to Source in your crown chakra. Or both! Ask this higher-self wisdom part of you for guidance and assitance in finding your way to the truth in this situation within you.

You are not trying to fix anyone else, you are healing you. No matter what is going on, the healing of all is within you and you can only heal you.

Your spiritual truth will help you release lies, pain, anger; anything within you that is fueling thoughts that do not lead you to a grounded perspective, and the choice of finding some peace within.

Your ego may truly believe that something outside of you is out of control and horrible. But what does spirit say? As you are grounding and meditating, decide to learn that you can heal a thought that promotes fear and pain into one that promotes love and inclusiveness.

Then, you decide to take a step towards being helpful concerning the issue that upsets you. You choose a step that promotes unity, love, healthy communication and your grandest vision of life and the world.

How do you know you have chosen well? Your actions bring you great peace. You feel really good about serving someone or a situation from love. As you practice this, eventually this desire to find this space is very urgent and necessary in your life, and there’s no interest in engaging in the drama of conflict.

And can it be okay that there will be some puzzled people around you as they watch you get more calm and centered no matter what is going on?

Again, being in this space doesn’t mean you don’t feel. I don’t want to feel comfortable when I witness hatred or injustice. But I also know that resisting these behaviors or blaming and hating solves nothing. So feel what you are feeling, and then practice coming to a spiritual resolution. From there you can take some steps!

Sometimes all you may need to do is meditate and you are back to peace. Other times you may need to take an action, talk to someone, write a letter, get help from someone, who knows?

Every situation is different and we find ourselves in challenging situations of varying degrers daily! Finding your way back into balance and in tune with Divinity is a personal process, and the more you practice this from a place of compassion towards yourself, the easier it is to do.

You are never alone and you are powerful beyond measure. If you are not feeling this within you, if you are not looking in the mirror and seeing love in form, find a path to assist you. We are here, and we are just one of many paths. Want to practice this process?

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.