“To get what you love, you must first be patient with what you hate.” – Sufi Saying
So much to resist at the moment, and so little time! For many people, challenges abound within their lives and/or in relationship to what they see happening in the world at large.

As conscious spiritual folk, we know that what we resist persists, and so we practice becoming more neutral so that our own feelings of frustration and/or hate are not contributing to the events we see that we don’t like.

Yes, this is possible. But first one must realize that being more neutral does not mean we are condoning the situations that we don’t like.

And while finding more love and neutrality within yourself, the ego WILL argue and try to steer you back to the comfort of being judgmental and feeling that it’s us versus them. After all, this is the energy we are familier with, and it’s the energy that keeps things in turmoil.

There is a very large level of consciousness on the planet that benefits from the turmoil of hate and fear. It makes a lot of corporations a lot of money. And that’s just one example. I know I don’t need to preach to the choir.

As Albert Einstein said, “The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were in when we created them.”

When you see something happening that doesn’t align with your spiritual truth, then you shouldn’t feel comfortable with it. Anger may arise, frustration, grief, pain and any other number of emotions!

These emotions let us know that something we are seeing is not in alignment with Divinity. And the emotions are not bad! We must recognize them instead of stuffing them down inside of us.

The trick to being most effective as a healer, activist and transmuter of energy is to do your own inner work so your intention for desired change in the world and in your life is born from love versus hate.

Being patient with what you hate is taking your attention off of it for a moment and focusing instead on yourself and where you are triggered or identified with being a victim.

Make an intention that is “pro you” versus “against them.” To accomplish this, you must actually love yourself! Because we can’t offer another what we can’t have within ourselves!

So in your next super frustrating moment regarding things that disturb you in the world, perhaps do some self healing and meditating on your own self-love space. Then you can shift your intention from needing to look outside of yourself for changes in order to feel loved and peaceful, to a self-love space that is dependent on nothing other than your own self love!

When your intention toward yourself is full of compassion, love and forgiveness, it’s much easier to extend those feelings out to the world. From there you can take action from this inner place of support.

When I have people meditate, the first thing I have them notice is whether or not they are approaching themselves from a place of loving kindness.

Decide to care for yourself because you are worth it!

It is also helpful to look at what you are most frustrated with in the world and identify the behavior. Then, turn that behavior around to yourself and make it right in your universe!

For example, if you are in judgment about how the elderly are being treated, then decide that you will treat them the way you believe they should be treated.

If you think someone is being uncaring, look at how you can be more caring towards yourself.

Forgive yourself for times this life and in past lives when you haven’t been the perfect person to all people at all times! Then, from this place of love, THEN look outside at what you may want to do to help the world.

Go on a march, volunteer, write a blog, run for office, join a group. But do it from a place of love and in the spirit of promoting what you love in this world, not from what you are in resistance to!

Take time to observe for yourself what universal spiritual truths work for you and assist you on your path as a healer and light worker.

One of my favorite things to do is to remind myself that we are all One. How I treat another affects me because I am that person and they are me.

We are all beings from the light of the Oneness of Creator and when we incarnate we each reflect a unique aspect of Divinity.

Maybe in a hard moment when it’s hard to find forgiveness for someone, can you look in the mirror and just reflect on sending love and forgiveness to yourself? See yourself as a reflection of God.

My sessions are  designed with the intention of helping you deepen into the truth that you are a sacred and holy being. I myself remember learning this and initially rejecting that this could possibly be true.

But really the evolution of deepening into this truth within you is well worth the journey.
Thank you for all of the deep, introspective self healing that you do. As you heal yourself, you truly do help the world heal into the wholeness that is the Divine truth of who we all are.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson  has been teaching and reading for 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.