I enjoy being in kindergarten when I teach spiritual tools. There are crayons in every room, some stuffed animals lying about, snacks at break, and a lot of laughter!

We remind ourselves to be more child-like, living life with wonder and curiosity. It’s harder to tap into your intuition if you are stuck in the serious business of having to figure things out and control!

The grounding cord is the first tool taught in How to Heal Yourself, and the first one mentioned in any workshop or class you take here, from beginners to advanced. Sit quietly, with your eyes closed, and your feet flat on the floor. Imagine a connection from your hips to the center of the earth. It can be a tree, a waterfall, a beam of light or anything else you can imagine. Once someone suggested a fish stick! It allows you to release energy that isn’t yours out of your space.

Allow yourself to have the experience of it as a child would, rather than having to figure it out! Children in their classes already know they have a grounding cord. They see it as their tail!

Not only does it allow you to release foreign energy out of your space, but it helps draw you, the limitless spirit, closer to your body, and more into the center of your head. In the center of your head you are in the driver’s seat of the body. You the spirit is behind your eyes and in between your ears, watching and hearing your world, and choosing how to respond and perceive what you are experiencing.

Know that YOU are the result of the relationships you are having with all that is around you in any given moment. The quality of your relationships is the result of how you choose to think about whatever you are noticing. With YOU in the center of your head you have a better chance of responding to life from your truth as a spiritual being, versus someone else’s.

This is a kindergarten article, so it’s story time! A friend recently shared a story that points out the value of grounding. Beth had the task of selling her mother’s car. Her mother was stressed about it because of the details involved and she didn’t want the buyer to know that the car needed a timing belt.

Beth took the job of selling the car, but first grounded the scenario. She put the concept of “selling the car” in a bubble in front of her and and grounded the bubble. She grounded her mother’s worry and stress out of the bubble, and set the energy in ease and grace to sell the car. She sprinkled some amusement as well. She released the bubble to Source to be created and went on with her life.

Beth put the car on Craig’s List and immediately got some interest. She took the car to get its emission’s sticker. While waiting, she wanted a snack. Five cents short, she asked if someone in the waiting room would give her a nickel. A man, Jeff, gave her the nickel. Then, Beth realized she didn’t have enough money to pay for the test and needed 15 more dollars. Jeff gave her the money, and then followed her to an ATM. While Beth was getting the money, Jeff noticed the FOR SALE sign on the car. He inquired about it. Beth told him about the timing belt, which was the reason for the car’s low cost. Jeff checked out the engine, made an offer right there, and pulled $900 cash out of his pocket, the result of having just sold his car hours before. Beth had the title with her, signed the car over to him, got a ride to work, and the car was sold!

One of the things I love about this story, is the ability to ground in grace and release control and worry. If Beth had grounded the mock up for this sale with lots of detail, chances are she would never have come up with such an effortless scenario on her own! We tend to ground our awareness in past experience and expectations rather than in the present moment, which is where miracles occur! We need to trust that the Universe has so many more miracles and outcomes for us than we can even imagine! But how many times do we limit them coming to us because we have to control the outcome and worry?

This story reminds us to be grounded in the moment and follow our heart, even if it seems counter intuitive. Someone else would talk themselves out of asking for a nickel. A picture would float through their head, an old worn out voice saying it’s not okay to ask for money from strangers.

But Beth just went with it, even asking for the $15, and look what happened! Who could have thought that all up in advance? No matter what is going on in life, nothing replaces the skill of practicing being in the present moment, and that grounding cord really helps.

Take a deep breath and validate your grounded connection to Mother Earth.Intend that you, the eternal spirit, is present in your body. Earth is always in present time, so grounding to her will always help!

In this moment, as a spirit present in that body, you are in a space of miracles and wonder. There’s no fear or worry, no disease, no such thing as real loss, no judgment, no punishment. Without those concepts filtering your truth, you are free to create in more effortlessness and joy!

A session with me could help you hone this skill! If your mind says that living from joy and grace is too good to be true, all the more reason to explore the age of miracles we are in!

May you feel blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.