“We need to grow our souls. We need to find that balance of life that respects each other, that thinks that the most important thing at this time on the clock of the world is not our accumulation of things, is not economic growth which threatens and imperils all life on this planet including ourselves, that the time has come to grow our souls, to grow our relationships with one another, to create families that are loving and communities that are loving, to bring the neighbor back into the hood… There are so many ways in which we can grow our souls and the souls of those around us.” – Grace Lee Boggs

I love this reminder that we are in a consciousness shift. Looking at the world only from a 3D sense only leads to fear and depression, because it seems so out of control. Wars, drugs, education, and health care issues, GMO foods, pollution—those are just some of the obvious ways humanity’s psychosis has led us to forget the simplest of perspectives—just grow our souls.

This is what we do at Psychic Horizons Center and Church of Inner Light. It is for people who know they are Spirit, and want to learn how to heal themselves as the soul that they are, and see it reflected in their life and actions with others. They see how healing themselves, and becoming the brightest light they can be, serves the planet and humanity. Especially now, during this amazing paradigm shift.

This shift can be seen in many ways. A balancing of the male and female energies, and the movement from a third chakra power and greed-oriented world to a more loving and compassionate fourth chakra world. It’s also the development of the Fifth Kingdom, the kingdom of Spirit. We humans are birthing the kingdom of spirit.

There are many other stories and models of the shift we are in as well! The commonality within them, no matter what culture or path they come from, is Love and Compassion. Growing our soul involves the journey from your head to your heart, as well as the development of your anakahrana, the bridge from your center of head to your 8th chakra, which has your Higher Self wisdom.

In our human evolution, we learned only too well how to look outward for answers, and forgot that the Kingdom is within ourselves. Thus we have spent too much time looking to money, relationships, power, careers, body image to find some kind of validation and identity. It never works, because all outside yourself is temporary. When your favorite food, house, lover or car is gone, are you left feeling deficient? Less than? There are many ways to build these inner bridges to heal yourself and find the soul part of you that will keep you bright, connected and loving, no matter what you are experiencing. You can learn to notice the full range of negativity and fear that can float through the mind, while at the same time knowing the truth of who and what you are.

Meditation is a great tool to start this process. Sitting, walking, being in nature, humming—things that help limit the distractions and scattered thoughts in the mind. The energy tools taught in How to Heal Yourself take meditation to a next step, using your intuition to discern one energy from another, clearing your space or foreign energies and distractions and really living from your own energy.

From a quiet place, remember and choose to speak to Source, your Higher Self, God, Love, or whatever you call the mystery that binds us all as One. Send messages to Higher Self, and listen for answers From that clear space you are ready to receive answers. That is why energy tools are handy!

Next, the greatest practice of all is self honesty. Once you are quiet, and in tune with Source, explore all nuances of your thoughts and feelings to notice any places where you hold something against another or yourself. Those are the places where your light can’t shine, and your energy is not allowed to be present.

Find and release thoughts that lead you to blame others, be a victim, or stay in judgment. Also, the feelings of being unloved or unwanted. Healing these lies within you is the path to enlightenment.

People have mistakenly created God in their own image. It easily explains the odd attributes given to Creator. Angry? Judgmental? Punishing? Racist? Sounds like a lot of people I see, but is nothing like the energy of God that I experience within myself.

Once you learn to read your own energy, you discover the lies that perpetuate the lies—lies that keep you from believing in yourself and attracting to yourself the love, caring and abundance that you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose on the planet. You learn how to release those energies and replace with them with the vision of truth within you, that which is of miracles and love, reciprocity and joy. Limitless, loving, and ever compassionate. And, you learn how to help another begin to find this part of themselves.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Grow your soul, so you can reach out to others more, and see value in connection versus separation.

There is nothing to fear, nothing to judge. Proceed with your daily life and causes, but know who you are. You are of Divinity. It is all you have ever been, and it is all you will ever be.

May you feel blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.