Letting go of of control. How eager are we to do that? Not so much! We want to control it all! But notice that the big changes we see on the planet demonstrate that we are not in control of this show. We think having insurance or enough money in the bank puts us in control of something.

But what if the money system collapses or insurance companies go under? What if your house is suddenly worth nothing? What is certain in this world? Do you really know your bank will be open tomorrow? Do you know that your town will exist tomorrow? I’m sure the people in Haiti thought theirs would. Do you really know anything? Not when it relates to the physical world. It’s crazy to try and control it. To have peace in this world- a peace that passeth all understanding- it is inevitable that we surrender to God, to Love, to a higher power, and release the false security coming from our little minds.

We are shifting into a new paradigm, and we are being asked to surrender over to Divinity every last belief that there is anything outside of ourselves that will bring us peace. Let go of your history and “what was” and create from now. What happened in the past is not relevant anymore. We are creating from present time, not based on karma, or past events. We are creating from our dharma, our spiritual truth. From Love. We are being presented opportunities to forgive and surrender and let go of past grievances, and react from our hearts. Just look at the health care issue. It seems like a no brainer. Everyone is cared for. Can’t get more loving than that! Yes there will be challenges to a new system, and we are indeed walking into the unknown-although we do have about 6 established universal health care models to learn from, between Japan, European nations and Canada. But as long as the fear of losing control of the money is greater than the loving solution of all Americans being cared for, there is no growth.

It takes courage to trust in a greater process that involves the heart. We are really good at wanting to stay in the drama of our past. Recently our computer had a melt down and we could have lost all of our audio files. That’s a lot of teaching data. I took a deep breath and saw a possible physical example in my life of letting go of history and starting over. It felt very peaceful. I noticed later that I had a voice in my head goading me to feel more upset and worry about something – how about potential lost revenue? But it was extremely short lived. I was amused at the power of the ego, and it’s ability to try and get me, the wise soul, to feel guilty about experiencing peace during a computer issue.

A friend’s nonprofit company was recently sold. The new for-profit owners appeared out of the blue one day, all gung ho with their plan which included shortening the employee’s vacation time and the new vision of the company: “We want to make a lot of money.” This friend is an old soul, watching a bunch of less aware souls come onto the scene, running their agenda based on control, greed and the physical world.

Take a deep breath, because we are going to see more of this, as the old paradigms try to cling to life even as they are falling to pieces. After you roll your eyes at the young souls and their love of competition and control, know that we have to hold space for them, love them and forgive them. (After all, we are them!) Surrendering is so scary to us because it requires the belief that we are responsible for our experiences. We realize that the only way to heal our experiences and have the peace that passeth all understanding is to be responsible for loving all that is, equally, no exceptions. You will surrender when you take responsibility for your life and all that you see and create. Surrender does not mean passivity or inactivity. It is the opposite. As you surrender and take responsibility for your life you are urged into the world in an ever more active role. But not as a victim. You are here as the creator of the world you envision. When you realize that the smallest of your thoughts affects the world, you become amazingly responsible.

You become driven to welcome all that you see and experience because you have a chance to heal it back to love. Even taxes! You gladly surrender to Source, and say. “Not my will, but thy will be done.” You take the ego out of the equation, and it is not happy because who gets the credit for all that you are responsible for, and all the extra joy that emerges? In our state of surrender, we see that it is all of Oneness, and within that Unity, no one gets the credit. “In my dream, the angel shrugged and said, If we fail this time, it will be a failure of imagination and then she placed the world gently in the palm of my hand.” (Imagining World by Brian Andreas) 

I would love to help you, the soul, be in your body and be an active, loving part of creating this amazing world.

May you feel blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.