“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.” – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Quite a powerful quote! Are you aligned with your passion as we watch the world shift before our eyes? At a recent gathering against the pipeline in North Dakota, this quote was seen in action.

The gathering of Native Americans and people of all colors and faiths number in the hundreds. They are gathered together in prayer and unity, with a common passion of love for the waters of the planet! Quite simply, Water is Life.
When we are in touch with our soul’s passion, we create from that limitless, loving reality of Spirit. Creation from this space is magical and limitless and all around us falls into place. If our soul essence is the motivator of our actions, the body is engaged to do what is needed from love versus fear, joy versus toil, wholeness versus lack.

You are an eternal soul attracting every event to you. Remembering this amidst the distractions of daily life and events involves total acceptance of who you are and what you are experiencing and observing yourself with compassion.

Breathe. Decide that all in your world is perfect for you in this moment.

Sometimes we may wonder if we are being punished when things don’t happen the way we think they should. But from the perspective of Spirit, we are only love and loving who we are is the only job we have this life. There is no punishment in Spirit. Being our true spiritual self, we can love who we are with compassion, whether rich or poor, in shape or out of shape, happy or sad, working or jobless, in a creative mood or contemplative mood, in good health or challenged.

When we  are aligned with peace and certainty within no matter what we are experiencing, we are whole and in our enlightened self.

Peace of mind is challenging when dependent on things outside of us. The material world is temporary. When you know and feel that you are enough, simply because you exist, no matter the circumstances, then everything is enough. Everything we experience is a blessing, from the biggest obstacle to the tiny grain of sand in your shoe.

Currently the spheres of awareness that surround Earth that are of Love and Oneness are larger than the energies promoting fear and separation. It’s time to take the leap! Release the fear that if we really trust in love and goodness that nothing will get done. Or there won’t be enough. Or we won’t be safe. What are you clinging to that you think has to be a certain way?

If your belief comes from other than the truth that you are a loving, limitless spirit, let it go! It’s not going to survive what we are moving into energetically. It doesn’t mean we won’t have material things. Rather it’s the intention behind us having them that will determine whether we have them or not, or have something better!

This is a personal process that we are each learning to trust in from day to day. And yet, as the ship builder encouraging the love of the sea to excite people to build their boat, isn’t it the same here? If we know our value, that we are all one, and that only love is real, the next step is the nuts and bolts of choosing how to live that way. And if the motivation comes from the inner wisdom of love and oneness, then the means of attaining it will not involve harming another or destroying our planet, because it IS the same as harming one’s self.

So take time to meditate and reflect on your vision of your life and of our world. If it’s loving of yourself, it’s loving for the world. No, everyone is not able to create this way yet. But don’t let that stop you! Be the light.

Yogananda said, “Yogis walk and mingle with the people but all the while their minds are rapt in God.”

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Release fears and worries about being a conscious creator. You are always choosing. You choose to go to work, and you choose your mood while doing so. You choose your thoughts when you buy food and eat. You choose how to feel about yourself and others. Choose to experience your vision of divinity in all things.

After you have released some fears around the profound changes taking place in our world, replenish yourself with a gold sun of your highest essence, as part of Creation and life itself!

Take charge of your life as a benevolent and loving being, that reflects a God/Goddess/Creator that you believe in. Let your motivation be fueled by the desire to see all beings free from limitation, hopelessness, blame.

Let your version of this power reflect your unique vision and contribution as the soul and body personality that you came to Earth to share.

All of our classes, workshops, healing clinics, and meditations are oriented towards helping to guide you to your inner truth and abilities to heal and grow. We even teach you how to work with others as a clairvoyant and energy healer in a safe and fun way!

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