When I awaken in the night, I use the time to meditate, send people healings, read or journal. Sometimes I awaken and find myself aware of the heartache on the planet. Often I can shift to a healing perspective on it all, but sometimes it is challenging!

I recently read an interview with the peaceful monk, Thich Nhat Hanh. Google him if you don’t know who he is! He was asked what his most difficult challenge was. He said it was not falling into despair. Even master teachers are affected by the hardships in the world!

We are exposed to vivid images daily, such as the photo of people swimming onto beaches in life jackets. Imagine losing your home, and heading out onto the ocean with a satchel of your belongings (if you are lucky enough to have even that much)!

Your boat sinks and you swim to shore. You have nothing.

Currently hundreds of thousands of people on the planet are displaced, homeless, and living at poverty-level or below, the result of the greed-based management of our resources and human potential. I read that the current number of displaced people in the world hasn’t been that percentage seen since World War II.

The current war that has been raging for decades involves systems implemented that have led to water, food and land depletion and destruction. With more and more people on the planet and fewer resources, powerful people in fear pull the strings, furthering their agendas to take what they can and further disenfranchise the poor and vulnerable.

Countries invade each other for control of land for food, water, oil, minerals and more. Companies cripple our lands and plants with chemicals and GMOs. Factories producing indiscriminately pollute our air and water.

I don’t need to point any more of this out, since we each know what issues and injustices we feel strongly about! Whether animals, children, refugees, bigotry, racism, people without health care, or treatment of our elderly, there is plenty to put our attention on!

There is no more looking the other way, especially for us healers and spiritual folks who are dedicated to helping heal our world into wholeness!

One night when I woke up in the wee hours of the morning and felt such sadness about the suffering on our planet, I asked God and other angels for some help! I fell back asleep and when I woke up, I had a wonderful meditation and vision to share!

In my vision, first, as individuals, we brought self love to an aspect of ourselves that we haven’t been able to love and have compassion for. Are we not happy enough? Are we jealous? Angry? What do we have a hard time forgiving about ourselves?

Then I imagined all of us sitting at tables for two, set with our favorite feast. What is something playful your inner child would like to contribute to your table? Mine wanted cupcakes and balloons! Next, invite this shadow part of you to the table. Break bread and share some love with this part of you!

Become acquainted with your inner enemy, bringing some healing to this part of you. There are many ways to do this, just let this meditation help call the healing to you that you need to bring wholeness to you! Let the peace and love you want to see on the planet begin within you!

Next, increase your imaginary table to two or three more table settings. This time, invite some of your enemies to partake with you at this table. Imagine some people who you have or have had a hard time with. They could be alive or dead. Invite them to eat with you at your table.

Just share food with these people and beam love to them in this meditation, even if you don’t want to face them in person. It’s okay, this is a start! Just be in compassion!

Next, in the vision, I saw us all creating a huge spiral the size of our galaxy. It is a spiral table! We have set it with plenty of food and drink. Healers from all over the world are occupying one side of the table, and there are lots of empty seats in between us.

We invite all the people in need on the planet to sit across from us. We invite the people in fear who are afraid to share to sit with us on our side. We all share at this world table.

There is no right or wrong, just the awareness of suffering all around. People who hate others are suffering. People who are the recipients of that hate are suffering. At this world table, only love and compassion are served.

I saw this table then become a DNA helix, with an amazing infusion of love based on Oneness beaming into all of our bodies here on the planet! Our cells, chakras, bodies and brains received a powerful upgrade, so we can hold the love in our hearts easier and easier.

Perhaps you will find this a fun image to play with, along with your own visions to keep the healing on our planet going!

Currently on Earth, we’re in a heart-based transformation. The results of our hard work as peace-makers aren’t always readily seen, so it’s important to feel what is true to you! For me, if I am feeling more pain than joy about the world, I find peace in the image of us all eating and sharing together!

Then, take that feeling of love and beam it to the planet. Or, take that love and look for sites where you can donate time or money to be of service to others in your community or out in the world. Don’t forget that being of service to your own family and friends counts as well! No act of kindness is too small!

I am dedicated to helping each of us fulfill this vision of people loving themselves and extending that love to all. Thank you for your part in the transformation of the world.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.