If you are riding the jet stream of this spiritual revolution, you are probably finding yourself busier than ever! Spirit looks for those who are doing a lot and gives us even more to do! We have daily opportunities to live our truth and walk our talk, over and over!

We recently had our 20th birthday open house and it was fabulous! Over 80 readings and healings later it was over, and there was the usual ‘after-party stillness.’

I reflected on the phenomenon where we put a lot of planning and energy into creating something, and then it seems to be over in an instant! To prepare that three-hour event there were many meetings and a nice pod of people on task before, during and after it!

Working on a project, preparing a big Thanksgiving meal, or planning a vacation are all events that involve a lot of prep- work, and then, it’s over! That is why spiritual paths stress the virtue of loving the process of life versus the goals and outcomes!

I love the process of cooking Thanksgiving meal for my family. That’s a good thing, because it seems people’s plates are empty in nanoseconds! I started cooking that meal the day before, and planning and shopping for it even earlier! Good thing I love the process!

It is the same in life. That little high at the end of an achievement is temporary. But being happy and at peace, curious and interested in the process of life is what we live with from moment to moment. It’s like when we die and leave our bodies for good. Once we are out of our body, we see that this life was just an eye-wink of time in comparison to the truth that we are an eternal spirit! Yet sometimes while in these bodies, time can seem to drag along. So, you may as well really enjoy the ride here on the planet— the ups and the downs!

Meditate on a process in your life that you are not able to enjoy! We all have experiences that drop us into a process we don’t prefer. It challenges us to find some enjoyment, learning or peace while in the tough situation. While cooking the Thanksgiving meal there are times that may be stressful, like watching the meat thermometer rise and hoping I didn’t overcook the bird! But even that process can be a fun game!

I don’t really like meetings, but we have them in order to plan well-run events and have a nice grounded school. I have learned to enjoy the gift of them, seeing all the wonderful people I work with and their talents and contributions to the Center.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a long healing process, and it can require some dedicated inner contemplation to find the lessons and the gifts we are attaining while healing the body. In my 30s I had some knee problems that kept me from my usual mountain adventuring and cycling. I was impatient and frustrated with the healing process until I realized the gift of slowing down and experiencing my value as an eternal spirit versus a body doing things. I still love hiking and nature! But it’s not the end-all be-all. It’s a piece of my journey that I love, and I can love sitting and being as well! It was actually that healing process that put me back onto my spiritual path in earnest. I learned to meditate and do energy healing and heal myself. In so doing, I found my passion to teach and help others do the same for themselves.

When you find yourself only being happy with something being one way, that is a sure sign that you are not responding to that aspect of life from your spiritual awareness. As a being with a body, you will always be aware of duality.

The trick is to see both sides, but to consciously choose the vibration you prefer. Choose the thoughts you prefer, choose the emotions you prefer. We never feel good when something HAS to be one way. When we are polarized, we are stuck. Notice that many of the people who are most annoying to you are those who think the world can only be one way, and they want you to agree and be that way, too! They are polarized because of fear, and they need the world to agree with them in order to feel safe. Safety that is grounded in the physical will always end. Safety grounded in Spirit is eternal.

We can investigate our own lives and notice that when we think something is all bad and can’t be the way it is, we suffer. We are polarized to one side. It feels painful and stressful because we are not seeing a situation as the spirit that we are. We are not seeing in wholeness.

When seeing from a spiritual perspective, there are many options. Nothing is all good or all bad. Then, we can choose the perspective that brings us the greatest peace. With Valentine’s Day in our midst. let’s look at relationships!

Have you ever had a sweetheart point out to you the past instances when you weren’t perfect? Our first reaction is to resist it and get defensive. The best way to deal with it is to not resist it. Agree with it! Yes, I did not always communicate perfectly, show compassion all the time, or listen as well as I could! No one can be that perfect person!

We can always improve, and we will succeed if we are healing ourselves because it feels loving to us. In a healthy relationship, the person can also see what is wonderful in you, and all that you share together. When you can see each other as spirits, in wholeness, it’s hard to get stuck in the negative aspects for long! Instead, you meet together in your common spiritual space of joy and peace most of the time.

Relationships end when one of you dies or you part ways. So, it’s yet another example of learning to love the journey!

A spiritual path is so helpful in guiding you while on your adventures. It helps you calibrate your thoughts and feelings to propel you toward peace within the mystery, and stay in alignment with how you truly want to experience your life.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.