How are you doing? For most of us, life is certainly interesting. As we follow our spiritual paths, we practice merging the physical and energetic worlds together; walking in the world, aware that we are of Divinity. We access the core truth within where we know we are more than meets the eye and so is every one and every thing else around us.

We all know people who go to their place of worship, get forgiven and  profess to be loving—but go home and demonstrate otherwise. Some people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

A spiritual person on their path connects to their inner, sacred space often and takes that awareness into the world; consciously living life from there.

What do you do to assist you to cultivate your inner wisdom? It’s important to do it daily because it’s really easy, even with our great intentions, to get sucked into the miasma of the outer world of form. It gets more attention, more validation, and is very seductive!

We each desire to be a part of something—to be loved, feel secure and appreciated. The world of form has trained us to find this level of love and security through what we have and what we do; how we look, how hard we work or our bank account. Much less attention was put upon our essential value within, that we are enough, just as we are. How to be of Beingness.

Our self worth should not be dependent on the material world, but instead be fed by an inner knowing that we are connected to Divinity and by virtue of that, we are enough.

Nurturing your inner spiritual space allows you to step into the world with curiosity about how you will handle daily tasks, challenges and whatever comes your way. How will you navigate the world as a being of Oneness?

Trusting that you are enough, as is,  is a process. Knowing that you are part of something big like infinite love,  Godliness or Divinity, is something that is felt and experienced. It’s not intellectual, and it can’t be given to you from someone else.

You receive guidance from teachers, books or  retreats, but the actual experience of it is very personal and unique. So the question arises again, what do you do daily to cultivate  your inner world? Do you attend to it as much as you do the physical world?

Simple suggestions are meditation,  prayer, or practicing moments of deep gratitude. Take time to notice where you can forgive. Attend a class, read inspirational books, be in nature, learn about other spiritual paths. Get a healing or clairvoyant reading, or work on your personal growth with a therapist.

Once you have found this space within you, then you can take it out into the world and practice holding your vibration no matter what you encounter.

Life is never boring, and it’s fun to see what each day brings. At the end of the day, notice where you had a chance to respond from your wisdom versus reacting to the circumstance from an unconscious pattern founded in fear or unworthiness. Watch yourself speak your truth and forgive more. Stop doing and doing and doing and compromising yourself to please others. It no longer feels good to belittle another or make life harder for them. You practice empathy, and realize that no one is responsible for your happiness but you. You manage your emotions in a healthy way instead of allowing them to control you.

Your greatest freedom as a being in a body, is to choose actions from love over fear! To choose a perspective from wholeness. Then, your outer world will come together with more ease and grace, as it is matching your inner peace and sense of holiness. Like attracts like! This is how we heal ourselves and  the world. May you be blessed and supported on your path.

Rev. Hope Hewetson  has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at