You hear more and more about DNA in the news, as scientists discover that there is much more to it than they thought! Only 4% of it can be seen and they assume the other 96% is “junk DNA.” They are just beginning to discover that DNA responds to consciousness and that there is intelligence in the non-linear, quantumness that comprises us. We are so much more than we can imagine!

It’s time to begin imagining! As we evolve, DNA serves as the crossroads between humans and the expression of the sacred divine beings that we are. Through our DNA we have access to our limitless, powerful nature and our ability to heal ourselves, love ourselves and evolve. Such a miracle!

And yet, access to our DNA is so simple, so basic, that we overlook our ability to influence our DNA. It really isn’t some big complicated mess that you need a Psychic Engineering Degree to master. It’s so simple, that children are mastering their DNA everyday. Read about a master, meet a master, and if they are the real deal, there is a lightness, an innocence, an ability to take pleasure and delight in all, from a caterpillar to the Eiffel Tower. Come as a little child.

Layer three of our DNA is our Ascension Layer and it is activated through play and joy! I love that, because ascension can have such a serious tone to it. Everyone on the planet is in the ascension process. It’s the reason we are here, to lighten up and learn to love, ourselves and others!

The idea of ascension can bring up anxiety, competition, fear, comparisons and denial, because no one wants to be left behind, or they don’t want to believe it’s real!

Yet, child-like joy is the way to activate this layer. Key to ascension is the permission of your inner child to laugh and to play, as well as spontaneously express anger, sadness, or fun creative bursts! It is mastery of the mind, emotions, and body all wrapped in one, when we allow our inner child to be a part of our present time beingness.

It’s hard to control playful people who are increasing their vibration and embracing wisdom. Wise people see through the control games and won’t play them! Therefore, play is consistently programmed out of us. There is not enough play in schools; art, theater, music and gym are always cut first. Religions are fear-based, and also repress and control our sexuality, which is another form of play. Most work spaces are rigid and serious. The government? It takes itself so seriously that at least it makes me laugh a lot!

Play is often relegated to a few holidays a year, and if we are lucky, a few moments a day. Hopefully those days are over for you! If there isn’t enough joy and play in your life, make it so! My friends have toys!

In case you are getting weary thinking about playing more, don’t worry, there are many other ways our DNA gets activated! Music, art, dance, meditation, energy work, spiritual counseling all activate human DNA. Also sound healing, color and smells! Suddenly, ascension hasn’t looked so easy!

It really is that easy, but certainly challenging! Although a part of each of us is embracing multidimentionality, on the 3D level we are still dealing with storms, war, drought, economy, families, work, health, time and so much more. We get distracted as we deal with life events we have called to us to release karma and core patterns that do not serve us any more.

It’s easy to lose sight of our true job, that of loving ourselves and each other. DNA allows us to access all the information that we need to accomplish our task of moving more towards light and love. All the way from Layer One, which informs all the other layers what messages you are sending to it, to layer 12 which is the frequency of “I AM.”

This is an amazing spectrum of awareness that we are designed to live within—from the beauty and sensuality of nature and our bodies, to the awareness that love is all there is. You are a gourmet meal trying to make it in a fast food mentality. Slow down, listen to yourself, and deepen into the limitlessness that comprises the truth of who you are!

Besides play, another tip for DNA activation is talking to the cells! Humans are the only entities on the planet that can change their structure through free will. Your conscious intent gives instructions to the protein encoded DNA of layer one, and all the other layers match up and do what they need to do accordingly. So in between added playtime in your life, talk to your cells! Talk to your DNA! Your consciousness heals, changes chemistry, creates more immune cells, whatever you need. It just takes your intent.

So, now you have permission to play and talk to yourself. People may worry about you. Just tell them you are busy building your ascension body! Some will scratch their heads as they see you doing the opposite of the masses— adding fun into your life instead of matching the fear, and joining into the worry and blame game.

Even as you have concern for issues on the planet, arriving to help from a vibration of fun and love goes much farther in terms of being of service to humanity and earth than arriving depleted and angry.

May you feel blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at