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Hello! As a spiritual counselor and energy healer, I work with people from the awareness that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

You have your wisdom and answers within. Tapping into your inner guidance empowers you to heal your body, mind and spirit and find more peacefulness, ease, creativity and joy in life.

We are all connected in Oneness and yet we are  unique beings. Your life is a precious gift. What are you ready to shift in your life?


Dear Divine Oneness,
Help me to be exactly where I need to be
to best assist the evolution of the planet and humanity into Love.

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Hope has a clear, concise and gentle way of communicating delicate and nuanced information. You just know you're hearing the truth! I have felt results immediately and also in the days and weeks following a session with her. Hope's insights and accuracy have guided me to profound and lasting changes within myself, all the while feeling my own empowerment. Hope is a true teacher, healer and catalyst for transformation.

K. W., Chicago, Illinois

Hope is the BEST!

Tom Thorpe – Westminster, CO

Hope has helped me in many ways!

Stan M., Boulder, CO

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