Discerning whether or not the inner guidance you receive is really yours versus the ego, a fear or another person’s opinion in your mind, is a lifelong process. Have you read about Harriet Tubman? She carried out at least 19 raids into slave holding territories between 1850 and 1860 and led fugitive slaves all the way to Canada. She rescued sometimes 10 slaves at a time in the winter, on foot, at night. She herself was a fugitive slave and would have been hung had she been caught.

The people she rescued were amazed by her unerring sense of what route to take, when to move and when to stay under cover. Her knowing defied common sense. She even infiltrated the plantation she escaped from to help her niece narrowly escape being “sold downriver.”

Following her initial escape Tubman says that she heard God tell her that she must rescue others. She ignored the voice for awhile, but eventually followed it. She prayed, listened and  “walked by faith, not by sight.” She learned when to act and when not to act. She followed her Divine Guidance.

Let’s do a clean out on our own ability to tune into our own inner truth and guidance and trust that our guidance is really from our Higher Self, our connection to God/Goddess/Oneness. How do we know the guidance truly comes from our heart versus the mind?

Get quiet and take a few minutes to meditate and check within. Imagine a bubble in front of you and let it represent your ability to hear your truth and to be led by your heart and what serves you for your best and highest good versus from fear and other preconceived notions.  

Put a grounded connection like a tree trunk on that bubble and let energies drain out of it that limit your ability to hear that voice that guides you into action in life, that brings you ever closer to Spirit and on your true soul path.

Release energy that makes you forget to ask for guidance from your guides. Release energy that causes you to forget to listen and be receptive to receiving the guidance. Whether it is small or obvious, guidance comes in many ways!

Release energy that causes you impatience with the process of asking and listening, especially with important decisions. All will happen at the perfect time. Release energy that would keep you from taking action once you feel your truth. Often we know our next step, and it’s exciting but also challenging. There is often risk and vulnerability involved in a new step. Know that you will have everything you need along the way.

Release the energy that causes you to overthink it all.  Let go of the outcome! Now fill this bubble in with clarity, ease and a sense of connection to your Higher Guidance. Sometimes those hunches seem to appear out of nowhere and feel just right. Fill the bubble with gold and other colors that reflect your truth. Bring this bubble into your aura and let it permeate your cells and chakras. Imagine the feeling in your heart chakra of just knowing that you can trust in yourself.

Validate a sense of present time. When you get your message of a next step or an answer to your question, ground and close your eyes and sit with it. Just be present. Let thoughts that want to pull you into the past or out into the future go. Just be with the answer you received and see how it feels in the moment. Does it resonate with your heart? Your soul path? Do you feel more whole? Does it give you tingles or warmth or a sense of peace or excitement? You’ll know when it’s right for you.

Enjoy this process, it’s part of life. And fear not, as there really are no wrong decisions, anyway.  Be in your truth and be aware that this guidance takes you closer to Spirit and you are there. May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson  has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.