We create our reality from our minds. Thus, we practice noticing what we are focusing on, and the feeling that results from what we are focusing on. What are we thinking? What do we dwell on? Where does our attention go? Do we feel closer to love and more validated and happy as result of our thoughts or are we in fear and/or punishment as the result of our thoughts?

When we feel overwhelmed with fear, anxiety and survival issues, that, too is the result of what we are focusing on. It’s not fun! Fear and anxiety affects our body, health and general happiness, whether waking in the night with fear, or feeling it off and on throughout the day.

No matter what, healing it entails bringing awareness to yourself and something other than the subject of your worry. You have to change your focus, and empower yourself so you are not a victim to every fear-based concept that floats by! In case you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of them out there. The “Fear of the Week” has become the “Fear of the Moment” with our world-wide web connection of instant news and information. You have to be aware of the fears from outside of you that have taken residency in your space. When that happens, we are sitting in a “picture” of a someone else’s fear-based reality and running our own awareness though it. The fear-picture alters our truth, like putting a filter over a lens. We have to find the picture, or the fear-based lies, and move them out and return to our OWN chosen awareness of the moment. That could be of love, peace, joy, all is well, or a sense of calm, trust and safety. It is a simple solution, but not always easy!

Take a deep breath and say “hello” to your first chakra at the base of your spine. Imagine a grounded connection from that chakra to the center of the planet. You could imagine a waterfall, a beam of light or a tree trunk. Postulate that all is well in this moment. Be here now. Close your eyes. Just decide to release all the fear and survival energies that are sitting in your first chakra, in that pelvic bowl, that are creating anxiety in your foundation. Most of them aren’t yours, and thus they are not survival issues that you can go do anything about.

As spirits in a human body, we will encounter the entirety of potential feelings that one can experience; such is the nature of being human. But it is the creativity and quality of our intention and choices we make that determines what our experience will be as we encounter life in all of its vagaries.

We have the power to choose what we would like to release and what we choose to focus on. Usually our first chakra is set on routine maintenance. It is the job of the first chakra to make sure we care for ourselves and eat, sleep, meditate, work and play in ways that serve us for our best and highest good in this body. It is a good thing to have our basic needs met and to feel safe.

If you feel overwhelmed on a survival level, sit and meditate, and clear out that first chakra to help you re-calibrate your survival space to your spiritual awareness versus the fears and programming of the world. You can imagine that you have a “routine maintenance” disk in your first chakra, like a CD. You need to clean if off and re-calibrate it now and then to your present time body and needs. Get the rest of the world out if it; your family, friends, clients, your community, the world!

Clearing and resetting that first chakra to your needs in this body, in this lifetime, right now, is a wonderful healing to give to yourself. Especially now, in this time where so many businesses, religions, the media, corporations, governments etc… are set up to instill fear in people in order to get money or to distract us or manipulate us in some way. We are bombarded with programming everyday that is created to manipulate us into thinking we are inadequate and thus need to be, do and have all these things in order to be loved, to be okay, to fit in, to be safe.

This keeps us in an eternal space of anxiety; reaching and searching into the future and outside of ourselves for help, grounding, safety. But the only everlasting safety is right where you are, within you, right now. Grounded, connected, observing your world and the circumstances you are in and at the same time remembering that you are not of this world, you are in this world. You are not what is happening to you, you are the wisdom and understanding that you glean from your experiences.

When you say hello to that grounding cord you bring yourself back into present time. Be here now! Another reason our first chakra gets overwhelmed with fear and survival is because a large part of our awareness is out in the future worrying or trying to figure something out. So as your ground and re-calibrate that first chakra, remind yourself to be here, in present time. Call your energy back from the circumstance that makes you worry. When your energy is in present time, with you, you have more of your power and wisdom to create the vibration and feeling that you need in order to create the perfect circumstance for your best and highest good. When your energy is scattered about, you are less powerful.

Also, clearing that first chakra helps us to release energy from past lives that keeps us in survival—past lives where we took a vow of poverty, lived in poverty or were in a religious order that advocated a very ascetic life. It could be a wonderful path for a person, but perhaps not so much now, in the 21st century. Breathe, release any old past life survival notions that don’t serve you now, in this life!

After that first chakra is well-grounded and set for present-time needs, and that routine maintenance disk is shiny, proceed on your day in more trust, amusement and clarity. Things are shifting hugely, but you will always be where your thoughts dwell. Say hello to your heart and that space of compassion and oneness. Nice work!

 May you be blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.