A student recently did a clairvoyant reading on a man whose wife had died. He wanted to communicate with his wife, and wondered if she was okay. I had the student read the energy of this a bit, as well as help him clear the energy that would keep him from communicating with her, or having a sense of her.

After the reading the student noted that as a Buddhist, she was taught that wanting to communicate with a deceased person reflected attachment, and the healthier option is to just let them go. It was a great point to bring up, there is so much to look at in that question!

First, I do agree to an extent! Some people can have an attachment to a loved one (or anything for that matter) that is to their own detriment! They may become unfocused, create unhealthy patterns or fall into depression. Sometimes they lose their job or alienate people from their lives. They focus so much on needing to hear something from their dead loved one that they stop living life!

On the other hand, I know so many people who opened their hearts and minds to spirit because they believed in or hoped for an afterlife for their loved one, and did, in fact, get a ‘hello’ from them from the other side! It is the most popular psychic topic of all! Mediums are all over the TV and radio waves, giving people messages from loved ones. Generally this is soothing and brings relief to the recipient. For some, it spurs them into beginning their spiritual path because they had proof that spirit was real, and they want to experience and understand more of the mystical and unseen.

The third point this student’s question brings up is that a spiritual psychic at our school learns to see the energy a person is showing them during a reading, instead of the picture or expectation or belief that we want to put on them.

This is the difference between a psychic person and a person reacting to life through rules and dogma. A psychic person can, of course, have a religious faith that they follow. But as a spiritual psychic, I relate to people of all faiths. One can be attached to a belief just as they could be attached to talking to a dead person!

When I was a massage therapist, I had a family of Seventh Day Adventists come and get massages from me monthly. We would have fine discussions about Jesus, love, health, etc… They never knew I was a minister of the Church of Inner Light, with a psychic school as the seminary!

When I volunteered for hospice care I met people of all faiths. I always communicated from the perspective of their beliefs about death and an afterlife. I believe in reincarnation, but if a person I was talking to did not, it was fine with me! I never had to bring it up! Sometimes a person just believed they would die and be gone and that was it! So be it! I never needed to change them or make them see my way.

People who have to wave their beliefs in someone else’s face, do so from fear. If someone asked me my thoughts about death, I would share with them a bit. But I had no desire to change them! I met them where they were. As Jesus taught, cast not pearls before swine!

As a clairvoyant reader and healer I am asked for help on all sorts of things, some of which I may not choose, such as cheating on a spouse. Yet I just look at the energy for that person and their question from compassion and neutrality, and see what they are showing me!

I am at home with people of all faiths and lifestyles, all ages, races and nationalities. It is freeing knowing I need not resist where a person is in their life or evolution as a soul. Who am I to judge? We are all one, and we have all been pretty nearly everyone and every circumstance we see in our world! No, I may not cheat on a spouse this life, but I sure have in other lives!

And, as this student saw, she, herself, may not have the need to communicate with a dead loved one, but this man did. And, by the way, she did an excellent job of communicating what she saw to the man, despite her personal belief. Having a belief does not preclude a person from reading energy clairvoyantly and just saying what they see for that person. Even though she had a belief about how a person should handle the death of a loved one, she simply read the energy. She saw his wife comfortable and warm, like in a womb, perhaps getting ready to reincarnate!

And, other information came up in the reading that validated the man’s path and his next step in life without his partner. The man was touched and sent a wonderful email about how helpful the communication was.

Of course, we teach our clairvoyant readers to take care of their space! If I were reading someone and they became abusive or belligerent to me, I would simply end the reading and let them know I am not the best person for them to work with!

And, I am not going to validate a person’s belief if I see that it is a lie and doing them harm. If someone is ruining their life by staying attached to someone, be they alive or dead, there will be a way to help them take a step and move on. An option will be presented, and they will then choose what will serve them in their life!

In the end, we are all learning to look at one another from compassion and heart, whether in a spiritual counseling session, or with our family and friends, at the store or dealing with world events!

After over 20 years of guiding people on their journey,  I wish I had a copy of every person’s words of how they have been helped, or helped another, because they could read the energy of what was really there instead of being distracted by programming and fear. And, best of all is looking into the mirror and seeing yourself with compassion—one with Divinity, connected to all, yet unique!

 May you be blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.