Change is in the air as nature shifts from creation and growth to release and sharing. The wisdom of the earth supports us as we learn to listen to our own inner guidance. Falling leaves remind us to release. What are you complete with? Have you finished some cycles? Are there attitudes or habits you can let go of or invalidation or fears that no longer need to control you? Release and breathe.

Nature reminds us to share our gifts. Validate all the good and healing you have offered the world this year — your smiles, your listening ears and hearts, gifts of money and clothes and kind deeds, peacefulness and creativity. How about the gift of your existence, and all that you offer, in your good moments and challenging moments? Release any gifts to the world you would like to send out right now. See them in a bubble. Pop it and send those gifts out where they are needed.  

What would like to sit with throughout the winter? You may be more introspective as  you spend more time indoors, sleep a bit more, and are less social. This is a process. As you look at where you are right now, you may find yourself walking into the winter with some familiar challenges to contemplate. You also may have some brand new ones. Congratulations! Breathe and validate wherever you are in the sorting and culling of your space. Perhaps some journaling or meditating could be helpful.

“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”  — Rumi

We all need change to evolve and grow, as nature demonstrates. But sometimes we get a little frozen or stuck.

One reason for this is the vast difference between change for you, the eternal Spirit, and change for the body. As Spirit, change is instantaneous and on-going because there is no time or space. It is faster than an eyewink. Think of your dreams. When you sleep you are a spirit out of your body. You don’t go somewhere so much as change your picture of your reality as quickly as you can imagine it. Thus our dreams and astral travels can seem very disjointed; threads of imagery that often don’t make sense to our minds. In Spirit, change just is.

Change for the body is a different experience. Change can seem too fast, too slow, too uncomfortable, too scary, too much, too little. The body experiences time, space, expectations, feelings, agendas, goals, competition, judgements, fears, and many other concepts that take the idea of a change and turn it into a completely different experience from Spirit.

The body is the effect of our mental and emotional spaces. So, when, as a Spirit, we decide on something that we would love to change in our life, the body gets the message, but the mind and emotions have to be on board, as well as the Spirit. Whatever mental constructs are in place that want to resist the change or argue about it get activated, with the most dominant thoughts being those with strong emotions attached to them. It works both ways. If you have positive, supportive thoughts about the change, then that feeling supports you in your change. Let’s release some thoughts and programming in our space that causes the body to have a hard time with change.

We all desire more love in our awareness, more light, more miracles, more magic and so on. But remember to meditate and talk to your body, and hear it, and notice what it needs to accommodate the increase in frequency you are demanding it to handle. It has to change cellularly and physically. It has to release the lies and fears that you have bought into, some of them for many lifetimes. It has to learn from your true wisdom why it should trust in this process.

What would you love to release so that your ability to handle change with more grace and spiritual wisdom can occur? Think of a change you would love in your life. A lifestyle change perhaps, such as moving, a new job, more abundance, a relationship, a healthy body. Envision it in a bubble out in front of you and ground it. Release other people’s energies who don’t want you to change. Release anyone else’s truth about this change. We each have our own methods of changing and engaging with the process of life. There is no diet or exercise program that works for everyone, because we are so different.

Now release any fear of change. We rarely make a big change without some fear. Notice that despite fear,  you have changed anyway. Fear keeps us from being reckless. Too much fear paralyzes us. Release other people’s fear from your space.  

Last, release any level where you are healing someone else. Sometimes we don’t change because we don’t want to upset someone. You won’t let yourself have the job you love, or relationship of your dreams, or the ability to eat better, because if you have this change in your life, someone you know will be threatened or lonely. Let this agreement go. Who would be sad or threatened by you changing? If you let yourself have the change you desire, you are offering everyone you know permission to change. They can admire you and learn from you, or they may disappear from your life.

Fill in this bubble with your own energy and concepts about change. Perhaps you can include giving yourself permission to be directed by your spiritual wisdom. Maybe some grace, ease and joy. Put a little amusement in the bubble and any other considerations that feel good to you. See the bubble full with the colors and qualities of energies that you would like present. Now let it go to manifest for you.

We see changes in our world as a consciousness shift, from greed to sharing, from fanaticism to oneness, from fear to love. Watching this play out on the planet, it’s a good time to say hello to the concept of discontinuous change. As we look at our world, we see a slow progress in so many areas. Slavery, for example. From the first suggestion that slavery was inhumane to the actual passing of laws took decades. Discontinuous change is when surprising sudden shifts take place. Forces change so much that critical mass is reached and sudden change occurs such as the Berlin Wall coming down. A new threshold is reached and new opportunities and possibilities are offered.

Amid all that’s happening in our world, it can be challenging to stay positive. But there is a mystery in it. Who can know the tipping point that allowed the Berlin Wall to come down? Can it be pinpointed? Not really.

Maybe you can’t know when it is, but you can know where it is. The tipping point is in you, right now. Cross the thresholds of your discomfort to have the change that feels loving to you in your life. Spread your wings and fly, gliding into the power of your trust of that which reflects your truth! Be the change you want to see. On a bird’s very first flight, it can’t see the gravity that wants to pull it down. It also can’t see the air that lifts it, and allows it to fly. But at some point, a bird takes the risk and spreads its wings for the first time. It’s trust in the air is bigger than its fear of gravity.

We are being asked to trust on this level over and over, sometimes more than once a day, as we heal, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually as we love ourselves back into the Oneness and love of our Creator. We are changing the game on the planet one loving gesture, feeling and thought at a time. You are the change that is happening.

Visualize a big gold sun over your head. Call your energy into it and give yourself permission to have more of your intuition and spiritual awareness in your body. We are all in transition to a paradigm of love. It has, in a quantum sense, already happened. Change is inevitable, struggle is an option. See the energy and qualities and colors of the experience you choose. Fill in with it.

Thank you for all of the gifts and awareness you offer the world at this amazing time. May you be blessed and supported on your path.

Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at