With the all the ups and downs we are experiencing and witnessing in the world (and with no end in sight), what are some simple ways to maintain alignment with your true vibration so that your thoughts, feelings and actions magnetize your vision of a healed world to you? When you are in alignment with your truth, you are offering the world the vibration that you believe to be true, versus  feeding the distractions and pictures presented to you that are created by the world from a place of fear and the need to control.

There are limitless ways to help yourself stay centered. The three ways I am presenting here are effective because they relate to your first three strands of DNA. Everything you do informs your DNA since your actions inherently affect the multi-dimensional aspect of yourself. DNA is informed through the information you offer it. And in turn, the body is informed by your DNA. Bringing more consciousness to this process gives you more power and awareness as the being of light that you are, right here in your body. In particular the first three layers of DNA relate very directly to your body. They ground you. No matter what you’re doing on earth, living a spiritual life that helps these layers to thrive is crucial. Then you’re creating a stable, grounded foundation to support you as you build and expand your life.

Layer One of your DNA “sees” your thoughts and sends these as directions to your physical cells. Every day, take time to talk to your cells. Your DNA is listening to the messages you send to the body and it responds accordingly. What messages are you sending? Before you tune in and talk to your cells, begin from an awareness of love and kindness towards the body. Every foundation built from Love thrives. What healing would you like your body to experience? What kind words do you have for your body? You can direct a knee to heal, a headache to subside, or direct the cells to react favorably to a drug, vitamin or food. Send your body messages of gratitude and appreciation.

This awareness really challenges us to manage our thoughts and practice mindfulness. Release punishing thoughts, judgments, and the lies of invalidation. The DNA is listening and sending the information to the cells via the first DNA layer. It is worth learning to be in the center of your head, and training the mind to be a masterful tool that assists you on your spiritual path. That is a whole different article…but a skill that we teach here at the Center in every class. So get on your cell phone and talk to your cells!

Layer Two of your DNA relates to the emotional duality that we experience as a spirit in a body every day in this dimension. In any given moment, every one of us is responding from fear or from love. Each of us as a soul has lessons we came to learn, and the nature of each lesson challenges us daily to consciously choose between fear or love. How we direct our emotions and the quality of our emotions fuels our transformation and growth. Most of us are aware that life continually presents to us the lessons that we need most to heal and to grow. At the root of these lessons is often a specific core belief that colors our experience of ourselves and feeds us a level of invalidation.

A core belief, for example, could be that you are a victim, or unlovable, or that taking care of others and neglecting yourself is the way to be. Any of these beliefs will color your ability to feel safe, or valuable, or nurtured. When you are having a difficult time responding to a person or situation from the awareness of who you are as a spiritual being, you may be reacting from a belief that isn’t true and is causing you to blame, or hold anger or experience depression. On the simplest level, notice a situation that causes you to respond in a way that doesn’t represent your true knowingness. Then decide to approach yourself with kindness and do a little exploring. Notice how you wish you might respond. Know that there is something within you to be healed, a belief that is causing you to react from fear rather than love.

Tune into your higher wisdom to find the truth. Then, release out of your space the core belief that is not true. Bring your higher self wisdom into a gold sun over your head and fill yourself in with that which you know to be true. You are lovable, you are powerful in ways you can’t imagine, you are a being of light and love. As you do this, you are reprogramming your cells and core beliefs to be in alignment with what you know to be eternal and true.  Although a simple process, it can be challenging! And, it’s a lifelong process! So the sooner you approach your experiences with love and kindness, the easier it will be to find the healing you seek.

Layer Three of Your DNA activates the chemistry in your body. As you respond more and more from love, your vibration is raised and your cellular structure is enhanced. I love this layer because the energy of this third strand of DNA is “play,” along with your child-like nature of delight and spontaneity. With all the seemingly serious challenges presented to us daily, isn’t it fun to know that the simple act of seeking out joy and laughter is key to building your lightbody and having more clear and direct communication with God?

A spiritual path needs focus and commitment; making sure that our thoughts function as our cheerleader instead of tearing us or others down. For spiritual growth we need to explore duality and use it to choose love over fear. To embody our true spiritual nature, we need to seek joy and laughter in our lives and cultivate a playful connection with God/Goddess. Take a moment and tune in to what you loved to do as a child. When were you happiest? Where were you? What were you doing? You can see these experiences as a color and vibration, and bring them into a gold sun over your head to fill yourself in with them. As you fill in, release any energies of seriousness that bring up fears of having more joy in your life. Growing up, all of us were at some point told to act our age and were sent messages that we shouldn’t be too light or bright. Notice what you can do in your life to play a little more. Games with friends? Creativity? Time in nature? Watching a comedy? Your choices of playfulness are unique to you and are limitless.

Talk to your cells. Let them know what’s going on. Let them know that you are ready to know more about yourself as a spiritual being. Let them know you are ready to vibrate higher, and to live a life in alignment with the truths you experience that lead you to a sense of peace and joy within. Let them know you are manifesting miracles and leaving old notions of fear and limitation behind.

Every month, we offer free events here at the Center along with many classes and workshops, both in person and on the phone, should you desire a group of like-minded souls to play with.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at revhopi@gmail.com.