Welcome to my blog on Dancing Bird!


I hope you find some words that are helpful for you on your path. I write to share awareness that has worked for me, and to hopefully present helpful insights and meditations to assist people in life.

¬†One time someone said to me, rather sarcastically, “Well, it looks like you seem to have all the answers.” I laughed and replied, “Not really!”


Me have all the answers? What would that even look like? I knew the person was afraid of thinking that they, themselves, did not have their answers. So I didn’t take their remark personally.


And in a good way it made me consider what I did think I knew. And what I do know, is that I can find the “right” answers for myself, and myself alone. And that those answers are ever changing as life goes on. Beyond that, I can assist others in the quest for their inner truth. But I can’t and don’t “know” it for them.


I hope that these articles encourage you to explore within and find new awareness, and believe in yourself in new ways. Or perhaps one will remind you of truths that were forgotten.

We are here to help each other deepen and discover who we are. We have the capacity to be cheerleaders for ourselves and one another. Sometimes we find ourselves in anger, grief or frustration. And then we see ourselves in kindness, joy or loving contemplation.


Life is a dance of dichotomy.