Sometimes the media shows us sad and disturbing visuals, like the recent photo of a starving teenager in Syria. It seems unbelieveable that we allow such a horrible yet preventable malady like starvation to exist. He was a mere skeleton with skin.

I am deeply hurt in my heart when I see the images of pain we inflict on one another. I may have tears, I may feel depressed. I notice the challenge of living on a planet where people have cultivated such greed and heartlessness, that it’s okay to destroy the planet and control resources to the extent that a parent is in the position of watching their child starve. Or, a child watching their parent die because they gave their food to their child.

This will not heal by resisting it or pretending it doesn’t exist. No matter where the starving people are; in foreign countries or here in our own neighborhoods, what can we do as healers and energy workers to help heal this sad demonstration on humanity’s part?

When I see the starving child, I may feel a rash of emotions, from anger, to grief, to blame, to shame. The thoughts begin to percolate, and charge the emotions. Before it spirals out of control I make a choice to pay attention to which thoughts will lead me to a spiritual solution of the issue, because that awareness leads me to emotional healing.

The negative and blaming thoughts lead to negative emotions. I release the negative thoughts and choose to embrace my spiritual awareness which raises my vibration and thus the quality of vibration I offer the world.

A favorite exercise of mine is to look at the issue, in this case, of starvation. Since we are all one, anyone and anything we see, whether we like it or not, is a part of ourselves that needs healing. Something needs communication, some issue needs more light brought to it.
I see myself in the starving man, and I see myself in the people letting him starve as well, because we are all one. I am not physically starving at the moment, nor am I purposely keeping food from someone. But I am starving on some level, and the only person responsible for what I am not getting is myself. What am I starving for? What am I withholding?

In a quiet, introspective space, ask yourself what you are starving for. What is lacking in your life? Do you nourish yourself with love? Kind thoughts? Enough sleep, good food or time to laugh? Do you allow blessings and compliments to flow into your life? Are you creative and validating of your uniqueness?

Imagine a golden sun above your head and fill it with the colors and qualities of energy that you need to nourish yourself, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Especially the qualities that you withhold from yourself. Be generous.

We all starve ourselves in some way, and withhold what we most need because we become afraid, unconscious, distracted, and separated from our divine awareness that we are of love. God, Goddess, Love, Oneness, whatever you want to call it. We think we don’t deserve it. Or, we are afraid of standing out. Or, we feel too guilty to thrive.

Starvation exists on an abundant planet because a large part of consciousness is in the dark. It is separate from the awareness of oneness and sharing and plenty. It is separate from the ability to make a choice of generosity and release the need for indulging the lie of scarcity.
We heal it by finding that dark place within ourselves and bringing the light to it. We can’t make people heal and have more light, but we can be that light in our own family, workspace and neighborhood. We can send a golden sun of healing to the people of the planet who fear the light, and offer them the option of opening to the notion of oneness, sharing, and plenty.

On a physical level, we can volunteer to help feed the hungry or make donations! But do so with a heart open to sharing and the joy of being of service. Helping while feeling resentful or angry perpetuates the energy that started starvation in the first place!
So in your meditation, heal those places within yourself where you starve yourself, and send healing to the people who are afraid of the light! It is a wonderful gift to offer the world and humanity; creating vibrations that uplift instead of feeding the original fear that started it all.

How to do this simply and in your day-to-day life is something I love to focus on in a session. No matter what you see out there that you don’t like, the healing of it starts within you, which is the only part of it all you CAN heal! I help people in need on many levels. But it’s the energy of who I am, in thought word and deed, that allows the world around me to heal!
I’m currently mourning my dog while such horrors happen on the planet. Loving Angus healed and nurtured me. He made me laugh and get outdoors onto the hiking trails. He cleaned the kitchen floor, kept the squirrels at bay, and enjoyed countless clairvoyant classes and healing seminars for 14 years.

The joys in our life flow hand-in-hand with the challenges of the world. Live your best truth from the awareness that we are all one. Then, you are being a light that brings a multitude of love and blessings to all around you. Bless those in need, and those that live in the dark, and be the light you want to see in the world.

May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at