It’s a logical question…why do these bad things happen?

Why is it so easy for some people to see there is gross inequality in our world on many levels, and others, who often have more than enough, are oblivious?

Why is it easy for some of us to feel better about more and more people being fed, housed, educated and provided health care…just because we are each a sacred human being?

Why is it so easy for some of us to see that we can limit the use of certain types of firearms, without taking all guns away?

Why is it so easy for some of us to respond from love, instead of reacting from fear and hate?

Why is it so easy for some of us to understand that a person who does a hateful act is a damaged person, and not indicative of a group. All men aren’t bad because some men rape.

All law enforcement officials are not mean. All people of a certain religion are not bad because some of them choose to kill, bomb, picket funerals, deny equal rights or burn crosses.

As the empathetic ones, it’s hard to identify with the folk who live happily in the midst of hungry children and people suffering due to insurance and health issues. Investors buy up property and jack up the rent, and those in lower or fixed incomes are pushed from their homes.

On one level, we could parse it out, and take an individual who is fear-based and travel back through their childhood. When were they damaged emotionally? When did they learn to shut down their heart? When did they learn to fear differences?

Their values were instilled through the behavior within their family, their culture, education, religious upbringing and more. We could anaylize their mental capacity, and their ability to feel empathy. We can look at what people learned about having healthy emotions, and what strategies they learned to cope with trauma or low self-esteem instead of getting addicted to drugs or alcohol.

We could look at them energetically and see their last few lifetimes and what they are working on karmically. We could look at their soul age, or look at which chakras a person is able to predominantly function from.

We could look at their group karma agreements and the groups who haven’t learned forgiveness yet. All over the planet groups die at each other’s hands and reincarnate and kill again. And so it goes until forgiveness is reached. We can see how much a person operates from their true soul wisdom verses how much they are motived from fear.

We can evaluate people from a very nuts and bolts, cause and effect level. In some instances it may be helpful to do that. But I am going to suggest that it is not the most helpful.

There can be a level of solace in it, if it helps us to have more compassion, empathy and forgiveness around where a person is coming from.

But regardless of what we think we have figured out, we have to return to love, forgiveness and sometimes turn the other cheek. It’s a personal journey, and it starts within.

In this world of seeming duality, we either see ourselves as one with everyone or not. As a psychic reader and healer, each time I look at a person, or teach a person, I am looking at a part of myself that is not in full awareness yet. A part of myself that hasn’t experienced itself as loving, forgiveable, worthy and a sacred part of divinity.

As psychics we understand the irony of souls killing each other, only to leave their body and discover that in spirit there is only oneness. We ARE the person we “killed.”

When I remember this, I release judgement and I live from my heart. I am part of the new paradigm. I send love to a killer, who is part of me who hasn’t experienced the sacredness of life yet.

When I teach, I am teaching parts of me that are in each person, that are ready to learn more about grounding, connection to Source, following their heart and connecting with their intuition! A part of me has forgotten something, and I am reminding them.

So, although I understand people who wonder why some people lack empathy or want to kill or promote bigotry or greed, I don’t linger there. The wondering on that level is a drain that pulls my awareness down into the third dimension paradigm of us against them, the haves and have-nots, the fingerpointing, the judgements, etc…

Love is love. We will suffer until we forgive. We must do the work of forgiveness and offer the world a vibration to match that is free of fear-based division; free of fear of differences. Yes, I can imagine a scenario where one kills another soul’s body in self-defense or by accident. These things happen.

I know I am in spirit when I can be aware of many sides of an issue, yet choose the love.

Keep on loving, no matter what. Decide you are of joy, no matter what. Recognize that there is no other, that we are all one, as often as you can. This is being in resonance with the fifth dimension paradigm, where all are welcome.

Sometimes an intuitive reading and healing can assist you with tapping in  to this miracle-space within you. May you be blessed and supported on your path.


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at