There is a meditation that I have done for years that I have recently included in almost every class and workshop. It involves saying hello to yourself as a spirit, before you took this body.

We each made a lot of choices before reincarnating. We create the perfect life in which to heal personal and planetary karma and return to love. Such is an aspect of our soul’s journey.

We choose our family, our genetics, our gender. We choose where we will live geographically, our race, and our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual capabilities. We choose circumstances that allow us to continue on from where we left off last lifetime.

We also choose our time of birth, the day, month, year and time! You knew you would be in a body in 2012, for better or for worse, with all that’s playing out on the planet. You knew there would be challenges, huge challenges, yet here you are.

In the meditation people see themselves getting ready to take this body and all of those considerations have been made. Next, you can imagine a guide nearby with some information for you. Despite the intensity and issues on the planet, you chose to return to Earth. You wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

So begin to ask and wonder: what did you see and know about what you have to offer the planet that made you return? What made you want to be here despite wars, pollution, violence, and the many other scenarios playing out in the world and your life? What did you know? What is your gift that you offer that you absolutely wouldn’t have missed being here on the planet, despite all that is going on? Let the guide communicate this to you. Or, just know the answer, imagine the answer, or see the answer. It’s so easy to get information like this, the hard part is trusting it!

In all the years of doing this meditation with people and then having them share their awareness, no one has ever said, “My reason to be here is to be rich” or “I really want to drive a cool car and have a perfect body.”

The messages are about shining their light, being at peace and holding a loving presence. Also things like providing a loving space for healing or spirit to spirit communication.

These gifts that people desire to offer cannot be bought with money, and have nothing to do with social status, bank accounts, rating systems, portfolios, great teeth or diplomas.

These gifts are about a way of being, an offering of something non-tangible that speaks to the heart, to a frequency of consciousness, to a way of communicating and resonating that goes beyond the typical ego concerns.

I have been guided to include this meditation more and more in order to help inspire people, including myself, to keep their focus on their True North, re-calibrating to that which truly matters.

These are challenging times for all, and being a healer and light worker has its own particular challenges. As we birth the mother on our planet, the forces in place that would rather not move into the realm of love and the good of all versus the good of a few get stirred up. Healers on the planet are extra sensitive to this unseen battle.

The new paradigm we are birthing is so scary to some, that they are drawn to hate, blame, cling and control rather than surrender to the love.

It saddens me to see the beings in bodies who so easily dismiss the opportunities we could be putting into place that would allow cleaner air, healthcare for all, thriving water, pesticide-free food, education that teaches our young to love and respect each other, and on and on. I know I’m preaching to the choir here!

It can be confusing and challenging. So, when it’s really crazy, perhaps go to that place before you were born this life, and get a pep talk from a guide, from God, from Divine Mother. Get a reminder of the gift of your life, and how simple it really is.

The distractions are enormous, and the more the love increases, the more the fearful people will try to drive you into hiding. Hide your light, hide your peacefulness. Hide your smile, your joy, your creativity. Hide your caring and compassion. Hide your awareness that you are a spirit having a human experience. Hide the picture of Unity and Oneness.

But, let’s suggest that you feel free to not hide! I don’t worry much about the people in fear because they will figure it out! It may not be in my lifetime, but it’s not their job to evolve based on my timetable.

Your job is to love. Love every last iota of yourself first, because we treat others the way we feel about ourselves.

And this level of love is not all joy and compassion, it is uncertain and often messy. All the more reason to recalibrate to your original soul intention. When you embrace divinity in every cell, when you know, in your core, that you are the essence of creation, you release the need to fear your expression.

This is layer 12 of your DNA. After your meditation where you are reminded of your magnificence, breathe and vibrate that Divine God layer within you. It is not of the mind, it’s an experience. It doesn’t know how to punish or rate, or hate or judge. Settle into your heart and Be It All. Be the Love. Be the gift, you are enough!

Thank you for all you do just by being you, right now, in your entirety: the good, the bad, the irritated, the loving, you are enough!

May you feel blessed and supported on your path!


Rev. Hope Hewetson has been teaching and reading for over 25 years. Call Hope for a reading or healing at 303-530-0232, or email her at